What did Lochte say after his teammates told the police what really happened?


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When I clicked through to the CNN article and tried to play the video about halfway down, I had to sit through that United ad that has olympic athletes doing olympics-y stuff through the airport and airplane, and the staff thinking it is super fun and not at all airport behavior that would get a person shot and killed IRL. Just more delightfully appropriate ad placement…


Sir, I don’t care what you saw on CNN. Drop the Speedos or I’ll shoot. …No, wait, that’s not what I meant!


You do know athletes always wear speedos, I’m sure. It’s not a fashion statement.


Who knew swimmers were so rebellious and stupid?




He’s a star interviewee:


I mean, I don’t expect everyone to be brilliant- especially when there’s a camera in their face. Fine.
And it starts to bum me out that he’s a 32 year old man-child that’s been enabled his whole life. It’s like he just stopped developing mentally at 9. Or 12. Or whatever.
Can he just go away now? Can we forget about him again (forever, this time?).


To your point (and don’t ever piss off Sally Jenkins):



I’m starting to get concerned that he might be, you know, sort of a total douchebag?


Just a complete and utter troglodyte. He is completely devoid of any redeeming qualities, as near as I can tell. And, at 32, he’s effectively done in his field- his career as a world-class swimmer is essentially done, and I’m hoping nobody is dumb enough to give him one second more of thought ever again.
His mere existence angers me.
The fact that he’s been encouraged and allowed to (handsomely) profit from his behavior is appalling, but, ultimately, not surprising. There’s no accounting for taste, I suppose.


I already miss Gawker.


He’s a doofus, no doubt, but he’s a handsome white man with Olympic medals. He’ll accept a position as an assistant swim coach at a university somewhere and will be caught up in some sort of sex scandal within 18 months of his hire date. Book it.






That article said all the things for me. Thanks, Sally Jenkins! (and you for linking it)


As a UF alumnus, I kind of wish I could find an image of Albert or Alberta Gator making a facepalm.