What do blind people "see" on LSD?

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So if I close my eyes whilst I’m tripping, I see the same things.


My best childhood friend had a severe degenerative vision disorder (don’t remember the name right now). He had zero peripheral or night vision, every type of color blindness, extremely limited center of field vision, just about as close to fully blind as you can get. Taking acid or mushrooms with him was so wonderful because he would tell me that he could finally see colors he’d never imagined. I am so excited for the day when we recognize the therapeutic benefits of these psychotropics and use them to heal people instead of incarcerate them.


The music of Bach’s third Brandenburg concerto brought on the waterfall effect. I could hear violins playing in my soul…

You don’t need drugs to feel this way. It’s that good.


I could hear violins playing in my soul and found myself having a one hour long monologue using different tones of voices

And then I jumped out the window because I thought I could fly. Why, oh why, didn’t I listen to Nancy Reagan?!


I mean, stay away from mr hooper ya’ll.

Nancy wasn’t wrong about that. Also, to be fair to her actual campaign it occurred during the height of the crack age and targeted strong addiction drugs. Yes the war on drugs was problematic in the extreme. But let us also remember what brought that reaction from our leaders of yesteryear. The burned out city streets of NYC, LA, Detroit. And the lives that were destroyed by drugs are not insignificant.

I wouldn’t classify LSD or Marijuana in that league at all. But, I understand how people could find themselves reacting without thinking when facing those horrors. Should you find it in your heart to have forgiveness for a lady no long enough gone? No, maybe not. But I do think acceptance is entirely reasonable.

I think she meant well. Road to hell paved entirely with good intentions.

And yea… stay the hell away from mr hooper.

To be fair, it targeted brown people.


I used to trip-sit a blind classmate when I was a freshmen before I ever tried LSD. He said he had no idea what colors looked like, but he found the experience to be mind-bendingly interesting and intense.

Bingo. Google “war on drugs racism”.

Nancy Reagan meant to come out of her pharmaceutically induced stupor just long enough to appear to give a f**k like any good First Lady, and the war on drugs was a no-brainer with great visuals and a folksy heart tug that polled well with middle America. Not to mention it was HUGE money not only for the DEA and Law Enforcement “industrial complex”, but also for the nascent prison industry.


May I remind you that Nancy’s husband Ronnie is directly responsible for the cocaine epidemic, and the rise of heavily-armed gangs in LA and Miami? If the withered old bag had gotten the doddering moron to “Just say no,” the world would be a better place.

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In 1967, Roland Kirk, blind since the age of two, wrote and recorded the title track to “The Inflated Tear” after an experience with LSD in San Francisco

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I was previously acquainted with an IT dude who was very nearly blind. He could code just fine, but he needed inch-thick glasses and gigantic fonts to do it. In most respects he was functionally blind.

Then he had eye surgery, which resulted in what later became known as “the week Dave discovered girls”. :slightly_smiling_face:


Window pane

Good for Dave. Wonderful things, indeed.

The world just got a bit lighter.

Although not blind, I do have aphantasia – the inability to see mental imagery. I’m afraid I can’t report the effects of LSD, but this does make me curious if anyone else has given it a go.

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