What do South Koreans really think of America?


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So there’s at least one boobs 'n pelvis guy in SK. Check.


Fair and mostly accurate assessments from half a world away. They seem to have a better grasp of the U.S. than many Americans.


And they do a better job of seeing through Cheetolini.


That probably comes from having a high ranking education system and having news outlets not lock-stepping with FOX.


I thought that the two Americans in the Korean Movie The Host were an interesting contrast. The first one is the imperious boss who tell his Korean assistant to simply dump the expired formaldehyde down the drain and causes the creation of the monster in the first place. The other is an off-duty soldier who when the monster makes its appearance, runs towards the beast to fight it as everybody else is running away.

edited to add: Perhaps the monster is an allegory for the DPRK.


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two Americans in the Korean Movie The Host

Hey! Blur (and otherwise Simonize) those spoilers!


… please.


If they did a similar bit here, I venture that most of the people they stopped would confuse South Korea with North Korea and just provide “nutty dictator” answers.




About Trump actually being the president:

그럼… 신기해요.

“Well… it’s amazing.”

Yep. Seems about right.


Yep. They’ve got our number.


The guy who answers cheese cuts deep.


Are you making a fart joke?


I went to the Soviet Union in 82’. Basically verbatim was said to me about the USA & Americans. Remember Reagan was President and they couldn’t believe we had a bad movie star for a President.


Having worked with couple I endorse P J O’Rourke’s comment that the South Koreans are “the kids who stayed in on Friday night and did their homework.”


Do you think they would have given a really good movie star a chance?



I think lately it would be a lot of, “Dude, stop trying to get Seoul shelled. We like our really big capital city which is dangerously close to our crazy cousins”


“edited to add: Perhaps the monster is an allegory for the DPRK.”

It is. And when it dies (the monster), a little offspring jumps out of the monsters back and scape (I´m guessing it would be Kim Jong-un).


I will feel bad if that nice Korean lady flies all the way to America and then eats at a Chipotle.


Love the way she says “Chee-Pohlay,” though.