What do you most regret? People age 5 to 75 answer


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People who deny they have regrets are the cotton candy of delusional idiots. Have a little melancholy, Pangloss, it adds seasoning to life.


What do you most regret? People aged 5 to 75.

sounds about right


Ouch. I bet they are wishing they gave a different answer now.



I find mistakes are fine but I only have one deep regret.

Several years ago my cat got very clingy while I was busy and I kept pushing her aside. Turns out she was dying and and likely in pain. Not that long after that I had to put her to sleep and she while calm and relaxed at that point I just deeply regret not putting aside the crap I was doing and let her purr in my lap.


And by the way, if you see your mom this weekend,
Be sure and tell her SATAN, SATAN, SATAN!!!


Watch the first one – the answer from the 73 year old lady about what she regrets – then watch the one about who she admires. It’s enormously sweet.



People who say they have no regrets make me laugh. So what you’re saying is that every single decision you’ve ever made was the right one? Uh huh.


I don’t think that’s quite the same thing. One can acknowledge that one made mistakes in life but still value them as learning experiences.


“no body in the world ever gets what they want and that is beautiful/ Everyone dies frustrated and sad and that is beautiful…”


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Since Daleks are essentially rolling cans of psychopathism (that’s not a word, but I can’t think of a better one), it’s no surprise they have no regrets.


It is essentially the same thing, because regrets come from bad decisions. If you say you regret nothing, it means you wouldn’t change any bad decision you’ve ever made over the thousands of bad decisions you’ve made over your life. Either you have to admit at least some regrets, or you’re lying or are in denial.


It is now. Hey, every word has to start somewhere. :slight_smile:


Psychopathology, or psychopathy.

ETA: Psychopathology is the study of psychopathy.




Oh so many things.