What does all that chicken marketing mean, and how does it taste

Originally published at: YouTuber tests expensive vs cheap chicken

Can I suggest this series (if you can access it)

Chlebowski does a lot of videos like this, and I think they’re really useful. He did one comparing fresh vanilla bean to different grades of vanilla extract and artificial vanilla. He did one comparing fresh garlic, dried garlic, and canned garlic. He’s compared different types of canned tomatoes, flour, all kinds of things, in this same manner. The results are sometimes surprising. Sometimes, the fancy expensive stuff really is better, and sometimes it’s not. He even made one trying to test whether or not the vodka in penne alla vodka actually does anything (spoiler: it doesn’t do much, you can probably safely leave it out). One of my favorite cooking YouTubers. Also, he’s short like me, which I only found out recently when he did a collaboration with Brian Lagerstrom, which is a fun, wholesome video.



I’m pleasantly surprised to see that air chilled chicken is available outside of the Northeast. I thought that Bell and Evans was the only major producer employing this technique (they claim to be the innovators). I buy B&E whenever I can. Central Market seems to be a Texas chain.

Hmm, now that I take a closer look at the packaging, I wonder if B&E is their supplier. I know they supply other retailers with their own branded product and the packaging and wording is pretty much identical. Central Market is listed on their website and they carry a number of B&E frozen products. Anyway, here’s a really cool video of their process:

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