What happens to a pocket hose when it goes bad

It could be worse, he could have said e-worsen…


Or iWorsen.


Upon reading the headline my thoughts immediately turned to Carlos Danger.

We had one for the same purpose. The inner hose burst like a water balloon inside of a month. Sounded like a firecracker going off, and had apparently been leaking for hours. Luckily no damage to the decking. If you’re going to stick with it, don’t ever leave the water on.

Oh no, what happened to your hose, Pesco?

Why? it’s a perfectly cromulent word.


I think you mean Beschizza

Maybe he knows something you don’t, hmm…;0

I bought one of those hoses and I like it. I just hope mine doesn’t turn into a sea monster.

I read that as “a water balloon inside of a moth” and couldn’t help but wonder how it sounded to the moth.

I would have stabbed that thing long before touching it. It’s like some terrible monster spawned from a fluorescent green cocoon.

tis nothing that a bit of duct tape couldn’t fix…


Hmm, an enworsened pic of an embiggened hose – seems cromulent.
@simonize beat me to the observation that the use of enworsen is completely cromulent…


It’s just a rubber medical hose inside a sleeve to stop it from bursting and to protect it from UV rays.

hoo boy… you might want to go to a doctor and get that lanced!

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Finally, a fifty-foot garden hose that I can fit in my carry-on!

I do wonder about the target market here.

“leaking for hours” is the tip. definitely don’t leave this running with a sprayer attached because it will blow. but for quick watering at the 92 year old grandmother’s or at the graveyard, it works great. just be sure to follow instructions and drain the hose fully before storage… AND DO NOT LEAVE THE WATER RUNNING WHILE THE SPRAYER IS CLOSED!

I know it sounds like I’m a proponent for the thing, I’m not… it’s a crappy product. BUT, if handled correctly, it is perfect for super-light duty watering.

The only one I bought had a hole in it the first time I turned it on.

Probably the last time you turned it on as well.

I’m having trouble thinking of superior alternatives. “Becrap.” “Faultify.” “Ensuckulate.”

I think we should stick with “enworsen,” lest we badificulate the situation.