What happens when you try to take Trump seriously?

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What happens when you try to take Trump seriously?


I was curious what the Brits made of this whole Trump phenomenon. “I sit back and chortle,” the younger, hipper one said. “It’s George W. Bush all over again, innit? He hits a button with people. But do you really want him in charge of the nuclear arsenal?”

Much as it pains me to say it, George W. was far better qualified for the job. He may have been almost criminally incompetent (or just plain “war criminal”) but at least he had relevant public service experience as a campaign adviser to his father and as a two-term governor. As far as I can tell Trump hasn’t so much as attended a PTA meeting.


One nitpick with TFA:

from the moment in mid-June when the billionaire officially jumped into the race

Who would do such a thing? I mean, he doesn’t, why should I?


You die laughing, but with a smile on your face.

Reporter: “There were plenty chanting against you.”

Trump: “They were chanting for me.”

Reporter: “They were chanting against you.”

Trump: “I didn’t see that.”


Trump is essentially plagiarizing Jerry O’Hearn (Andy Daly):


I eat out on that GIF.

That’s pretty disgusting.


But doctrine is that a candidate needs “business experience” to be successful in government. Even if that experience is taking multiple companies into bankruptcy, even if that experience is throwing employees to the wolves and embezzling pension funds, a candidate needs “business experience.”

I’ve long wondered if a summer job at Burger King counts?


Depends. Did the candidate steal food they didn’t need while working at Burger King, while jockeying for the assistant manager position by ratting out others who stole food to eat, while calling in complaints to corporate against the manager? If so, Trump would tell them “You’re Hired!”.

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Doctrine notwithstanding, to date precisely zero people have attained the Presidency without some kind of public service record either in elected office, appointed position, or leadership role in the military.

Running for the Presidency based on one’s experience in private business is kind of like running for Surgeon General based on one’s experience in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. You can be a brilliant musician who is also a brilliant physician, but success in one endeavor does not imply competence in the other.


See that GIF? I eat out on that GIF.

Okay, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to use it as much as you like. Apparently.




You can call Trump, BTW:

Although, certainly he’s changed phones by now.

But doctrine is that a candidate needs “business experience” to be successful in government.

Is that so? Quite the minority of Presidents since, oh, wwii have been anything more than career public servants.

Since when did doctrine give a damn about facts?

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I think you’ve been unclear on whose doctrine you were referring, then.

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