Donald Trump glitches out — says Jeb Bush was president who got us into Iraq War (video)

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C’mon, constant pressure


Hell, he just gave that speech rant where he claimed that if Biden were in charge, he’d immediate get us into “World War Two” with the Russians. Also he talked about running against Obama in the last two elections, apparently confusing Obama with Biden and Hillary. That was the one where he claimed Biden was mentally incompetent. Satire is fucking dead.


Hard to believe Nikki Haley seriously thinks she’s hoping for a Trump VP gig when she’s pushing “competency tests for older politicians.

But then again, the GOP has a way of exempting themselves from their own policies (and laws in general) as needed.


You just know his moronic followers are going start saying Jeb was president.


And/or Trump did it deliberately to own the libs.


This guy? President?
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Nope, that ship has sailed for Jeb.


IF he were to win, any VP must have an extremely good chance of becoming Prez, surely? In their immoral calculations, any shame, humiliation or hypocrisy is worth it for a chance to become President without actually being elected. Watch them all row back on anything Trumpy does not like.


To be fair, who can tell those Bushes apart. [insert shrug emoji here…the text one] One of the kids in my history seminar when I was at college was also named George Herbert Bush. This was a nephew to George Bush, not his son our then future president. I think there were several more cousins also named George. No wonder they need the nicknames. Jeb, George, other George, etc.

I’m hoping this works as humor. May delete.


during trump’s stream of consciousness, it seems like he was referring to a number of people without saying their names; giving just enough information to figure out who he’s talking about.


Yeah, he doesn’t really care which Bush it was, he hallucinates stories to tell just as much as ChatGPT (in 2023, dear future reader).

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It hurts my brain to try peering too hard into the workings of their brains.

This idea that “Biden is arguably worse than Trump” . . . I admit he’s old, he stumbles when speaking, but he doesn’t think we can stop a hurricane with nukes, or that we can kill COVID by injecting bleach.

For all his faults, Biden started out his public service career understanding how the gears of government work, how laws are passed and things get done, the reality of diplomacy, etc. Trump really never understood any of this stuff.


I agree with you completely. Trump is intellectually unqualified to run for office, not to mention the whole election denial piece of things.

I am terrified that Biden will have a McConnel moment and throw the election to trump.

It is like you are trying to make the point that only one person can be a bad person to have in office. I posit that trumps unqualification for office do not have a material effect on whether or not Biden also is concerning.


Are you equating Biden’s stutter to McConnell’s brain damage? Really?


What, nobody remembers our former president, Jebj Dabbleyoo Butch?


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At least when Mitch McConnell glitches he stops talking!
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“Donald Trump gliltches out” seems kind of, I don’t know, redundant, somehow.


I fear he might win this time… the world is so glitched out; it feels plausible.