What is going on in this video of a Russian freeway incident?


I don’t think Shotgun Whitecap is a double agent. Look at the video again. Shotgun Whitecap is taken away just as violently as Driver Whitecap and Driver-side/rear goon.

Shotgun whitecap walks back to the passenger side. I’ll agree he doesn’t “jump with surprise” the way Driver Whitecap does: but that’s because he cannot see the commotion. From the video, we’d think Shotgun can see kidnapper #4 emerging from the passenger side of the black van. But he can’t: his view is blocked by the white van. The kidnapper car’s right wheels (left, from our POV) are almost on the white line. Whitecap #2 has no line of sight to the black van due to how the white van is placed:

Then kidnapper #4 from passenger side of black van runs up and apprehends him: you have to look close, but you can see him dragging him (0:31 – look between the gaps of the cars and under the white car). So that all three goons from the first car, the two whitecaps and the driver-side/rear, are now in the kidnappers’ van.

The way these goons were subdued so completely makes me think the kidnappers are FSB thugs.

I’m still unresolved as to who took the video. It seems a far stretch that either kidnappers or FSB would be taping this so leisurely, so close to the action, and that it would be leaked to the internet. I think it’s just a random person taping a bicycle stop/traffic altercation-- that turned into a Russian police takedown; that is, aNormalDayinRussia.


In Soviet Russia, cars jack you.


The whole plan was predicated on everyone being a hothead. I imagine Critical Mass goes down differently in Russia than in San Francisco.

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It’s a clever propaganda video created to inspire the Russian people with a show of “justice.”

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Nobody has yet suggested that this could be an attempt to film a (very low budget) scene for a movie. That’s the best explanation for why the video is already rolling on a very uninteresting bicycle. How would kidnappers be able to force the mark to stop here, where their filmer-ransomer was stationed? The mark could just decide to swing around the bike and move on. No, this feels staged to me.


Maybe cyclists in Russia have just taken to having a minivan of thugs follow them just as a precaution. Sort of like a dash cam but more pro-active.


Steel doesn’t melt at those temperatures! #russianhighwaykidnappingtruth

As for how the camera-person remained unmolested, this took place on a road in Russia. Dashcams are incredibly common there due to the prevalence of insurance scams, so it’s pretty much impossible to do anything on a Russian road and be sure it won’t be filmed. While this doesn’t appear to be a dashcam video, if the FSB/vory/whoever saw the camera it was taken from they may not have bothered to stop the person filming, as they were probably being filmed from several other cars as well and didn’t have time to deal with all of them.

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It seems like a biker was just in a way of guys in black Cayenne, they got angry and just wanted to beat him up.
Then the “bigger fish” white car wanted to use the break lane too and got angry that some one was standing in a way,
they honked, so a guy from the first car got angry at them, got out and got too close to the second car and “insulted” them. Then he tries to open the driver’s door. That triggers the security guys from the third car, they probably know nothing about the cyclist and do not care, the are punishing those who insulted and almost endangered people in the second car. To punish them correctly they just want to take them away from the crowded place, so put them in the security van and some one just get a signal not to leave the car on the road, so they take it too.

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It was filmed so that thousands of Americans would be preoccupied by analyzing the video while Russian hackers secretly empty their bank accounts!


generally, I find VW van owners to be peaceful

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Whatever the circumstance, those white caps need to go.

The theory is good, except that I am 90% sure that it was staged. It seems too slick to me. real life conflicts are always messier, in my experience.

Video gone. Any replacements?

I’m plunging for awkward coincidence. Lads in first car are hassling cyclist for obstructing their route. On the car behind honking its horn, their back seat passenger goes back to remonstrate, being a similarly hot-headed type. Unfortunately for him, someone in car 2 is being protected by car 3, who then decide to intervene.

Yep. No one leaves the white SUV. Van is full of well trained body guards. It is that or an attempt in a fake viral video.

It doesn’t be a planned operation using the cyclist – there are no guarantees the guys would stop and leave the car for whatever reason.

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