What is "pink sauce" and why are people getting hopping mad about it?

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Somebody went viral and now they’re trying to cash in on it.

But hey, what’s food safety got to do with anything when dollars are on the line?

Looked at some random reviews/reactions, found this gem:


Years ago I worked in a neighborhood bistro with a middling chef. He used to occasionally serve a dish of fresh trout with a prickly pear fruit sauce. It had a similar pepto-bismol vibe. It wasn’t delicious, but it was tasty and it was fun and unexpected.


“Pink sauce” is a euphemism for “you thought that I was gonna write something dirty, didn’t you?


Dammit, now I want dragonfruit.


Mama Stamberg did it better before Chef Pii was even born.


It’s ■■■■■


Dragonfruit. The coolist looking fruit, and the biggest let down for you after trying it.

Its a very mild melon, with barely any taste.


I’ve had it and quite enjoyed it. :person_shrugging:


Mmm now I want beetroot hummus.

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Honestly, I was expecting something from the ‘gallows humor coping mechanisms of people tasked with the management of chronic non-healing wounds’ supply. So I guess dirty but not in the prurient sense(for most).

I assume that there’s some sort of gnarly wound secretion to be found in the burn ward or among unmanaged diabetics that can be reasonably described(but never written into the file) as ‘pink sauce’ or ‘extra pink sauce’ by jaded caregivers exchanging patient status reports.

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It makes a lot more sense once you’ve eaten your first dragon: big, flashy, kleptocratic; but they taste exactly like chicken.


In Latin America we’ve always had pink sauce


I see your mayochup and raise you hanch


This strikes me as an area where law and technology are at odds once again. The FDA (or equivalent in other countries) doesn’t regulate every tiny food-related product sale, because it would be logistically impossible and the harm level does not warrant it. You don’t have to get your lemonade stand annually inspected and built entirely from 316 stainless because only a handful of people on your street are at small risk from your potentially E.coli-ade.

However, with social media, your lemonade stand now has a customer base of billions. This seems like a problem. I suppose the current solution is to rely on the logistical limitations. Chef Pii can’t physically make enough of her weird rotten dairy sauce in her kitchen to hurt many people, and if she spools up a factory, that factory will have to be compliant.

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I just don’t buy trendy shit, generally it’s scammy over priced junk. I don’t see myself ever wanting to try stuff like this



I read this fully expecting the controversy to be something about Proud Boys protesting the color as a sinister Pride Month plot.

Dragon fruit powder is common enough as a natural pink coloring, where the mild flavor is a bit of a benefit. It tastes vaguely like pink, in the same way that hibiscus basically tastes red.

My sister uses it for neon pink butter cream.

Otherwise the ingredients look like a pretty standard creamy salad dressing situation. This stuff appears to just be vividly pink Ranch.

Sold through the mail, delivered unsealed … no ty. If I’m going to die from food it’ll be from my own deadly recipe, damn it.