What Jack Kirby proposed for the plaques on the Pioneer space probes


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“Humans. They are not the cowering wretches we were promised. They stand. They are unruly, and therefore cannot be ruled. To challenge them is to court…Death.”


“I don’t want us to do anything so give me the job and I will do nothing”

Well on the upside its pretty clear there aren’t any aliens out there so it doesn’t really matter.


but you’ve got to love the idea of communicating “exuberant, self-confident super visions” of ourselves.

I think you mean “but you’ve got to love the idea of communicating “exuberant, self-confident whitey-white super visions” of ourselves.”


“Let’s leave these humans alone, or they might come and eat our planet.”


au contraire. It is more than likely that there are aliens everywhere out there, it’s just that anywhere is a rreeaallllyy long way from this here.


In the 4X game Stellaris, one of many sub-plots is the search for the sub-light probes your species sent out centuries ago and then said, “Oh shit…”


Well sure. To clarify I should say that within reasonable distances, we haven’t detected anything and after 40 years of SETI we should have by now.

And yeah, space is big, really really big. But that applies both to the possible existence of aliens and their ability to interact with us.


He wants to eat the Earth!

I can’t let him!

That’s where I keep all my stuff!

-The Tick


Luckily we haven’t contacted any life that thinks that the way to communicate is to short out all power grids, shake up the planet, and evaporate the oceans.


So, Jack Kirby’s approach was “security through obscurity”.


This never would have occurred to me, and I kind of refuse to see it that way.

To be far, it sure seems to work at this scale.


The smile after that line of dialogue gave me a proper nerdgasm in the cinema.



F### Warren Ellis.


For real, his thesis holds very well as long as you think that everybody on earth wants to be white. If you don’t, there’s a decent-sized hole in it.


Now I’m wondering what Jack Chick would have proposed as a message to aliens. Would he have tried to convert them or told them all they were doomed to Hell (or maybe even both)?


I read, somewhere in the Internet, that some extremist people believe the aliens are in fact demons or fallen angels in disguise. Probably Mr. Chick would denounce the UFO conspiracy.


I like this idea. Would you fuck with this planet? I wouldn’t.


Zildop: “Phtsnzz, our analysis of the graphics on that probe we picked up last Gnulpday indicates that its home planet is dominated by a race of twelve-year-old males.”

Phtsnzz: “Amazing! However do you think they were able to develop space travel?”