What the FUCK, America?


How can this be happening? This can’t happen.

What are you going to do about it? Someone has to do something, or that’s it - game over for this civilisation.

This can’t be happening.


Indeed, Imogen.

Where are we? What the hell is going on?



All I know is, when I get home in an hour, I’m going to drink myself sick and go to bed.



I think I am too numb with shock to give an answer. Cause how could anyone with a functioning brain want to vote for Trump… sure the down ticket stuff, enh, I would like you to vote D but man voting for the least qualified most crass candidate EVER?
I got nothing other than I didn’t vote for his orange comb over ass. So when his policies start shitting on the people who voted for him it will be very fucking hard to not say WE TOLD YOU SO!


H.L. Mencken’s corpse is mumbling “toldya”.


##What the everliving fuck?


Surely there’s some way he’s automatically disqualified, right? Or at least he can be impeached in the first three months?

On the bright side, this should be enough rope to grind brand GOP into the dust…


tRump’s not going to be impeached. The Republicans still hold Congress.


hahahahahha! with a republican house and senate? oh surely you jest?



Dear Rest of the World,

We’re sorry.


Even if tRump is impeached, that’d just mean Mike Pence would end up being president. And that may be even worse, at least domestically.


Doesn’t really matter. I didn’t vote for him either. But we’re all aboard the same sinking ship now.


well at least pence is predictable evil… not sure how much better that is.


He will predictably write some kind of executive order to predictably criminalize being gay, abortion, and not being christian. Fucking dominionist scum.


Another minor silver lining: Democrat victory parties can be repurposed to end-of-the-world parties.


Also, the National Popular Vote is up to 165 Electors…


This and Steve Kornacki’s furious hatred of his electronic whiteboard are the only things that have made me laugh in the last 4 hours. So, thank you for that.


Here, Americans comrades, for you to listen to while thinking about your friends, co-workers & family.