What the Third Debate Felt Like

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also, couldn’t get it to load for me. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem.


It ran fine for me; but, gawd, I wish it hadn’t, Trump makes me nauseous.


I figured it was me. Some media players just don’t play nice with my browser, etc…


The vanity fair site didn’t play for me, but it played ok here:
What the Third Debate Felt Like - Mediacom


That was really nice of Trump to thank Hillary for doing a great job. Maybe he’s turning over a new leaf…


What the Third Debate Felt Like?

I saw Madam President toss a shit-ton of H2o on tRump’s dumpster fire, I sure did.


I’d love to be able to reach into the future and find a rationally written historical take on this period of time. Maybe something from a cultural anthropology viewpoint. I find it frustrating to make sense of any of this mad polarized society we are experiencing. It seems like all raw anger and seething hatred. I think I should be willing to listen to “the other side” but I just feel like I’m looking at a riled-up mob who wants blood. Knowing that millions of people feel like trump will solve our problems makes the problems even scarier.


Madam President indeed. She beat him so soundly she was probably thinking about how to decorate the Oval Office before the debate was over.


I know I would.


It will refer to this time as “the good old days”.


Trump continues to be an over-the top self-parody that no screenwriter could get away with writing: too over the top.

Case in point, at the end of last night’s debate: Trump petulantly crumpling and tearing his notes, while a smiling Clinton went over to shake hands with the moderator.


It played but I had no audio for me. :frowning:

ETA: it was fine after I turned off my ad blocker

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More like acetone!

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Actually, it probably has more to do with your add-ons than the browser itself.

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The debate starts at 8:30, but the intro is worth the time if you like string music. The music continues throughout, inflenced by the tone of the debate.

Wonderfully done. :slight_smile:

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That the design choices on The Young Turks were a stronger distraction than the mixing (and no captions); or that it was Bupropion v. alkaline water (and Senate musing); or that more winning would come from: Trump talking about anything other than the standard whinging set…Hotel and gaming operations, reality show bits, plus Chris Wallace’s question, then letting the wheels come off 22 minutes in and scaring people; and Clinton drifting over whatever standard TEDtalk tempo is a few times to invite the electorate to write/tweet/AiaiWeiBo/whatevs Congresses and her office a couple of ways she likes to hear; those aren’t an overall feel.


“The best, great good ol’ days, the best, the greatest, all the greatest.”

Of course, having done away with foreigners by that point, society was getting a little paranoid about who was next. After all, there weren’t that many red heads to begin with, and next up will be people with freckles, and then who?

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I shudder to think how Trump would want the oval office decorated.


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