What Trump University tells us about how to nail Trump


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Even if I swung that way… EWWWWW. #NeverTrump.


I’m glad I read all the way to the end because my first thought on seeing the title was, I don’t want to nail Trump (in any sense, but @nimelennar phrased that joke so much better).

It’s depressing that this is what we’ve come to: a candidate can be openly sexist, racist, and dishonest and that’s the discussion.


I like it very much that the “failure” part is in the green part of the image.


But but but… he loves Hispanics! Or at least taco salad.


On the other hand, imagine a sort of fourth dimensional space outside the Venn diagram where all three factors are negated completely and it is conceptually impossible to hurt Trump at all. Think insults, cute nicknames, appeals to authority, that sort of thing. That’s probably where Hillary will spend the next six months. Sad!

She hasn’t been there so far—her first pass at hitting Trump, but calling him irrational and thin-skinned seemed pretty effective. I think baiting him by calling him weak is the way to go.


I thought long about whether “FAILURE” on the chart should be “WEAKNESS”


That’s probably where Hillary will spend the next six months. Sad!

You think she’s an idiot who doesn’t learn from experience? I’ve heard her called Whore of Babylon, but never stupid.


He loves THE hispanics you mean. Like he loves the blacks and the broads, he loves all those guys!!!


Ha, I see what you did there, the “Trump Twitter haiku form.” Well played.


His core message is success so I think failure is a better label.

I might relabel FRAUD as NONSENSE though. Nonsense still captures all the false promises given by TrumpU, but he’s also bought into a lot of bizarre conspiracy theories and regularly says crazy stuff with little basis of reality. Not all of those things are fraud, but they are nonsense.


“His” Hispanics, maybe. The ones kept out of sight in the kitchen, presumably.


It’s also an opportunity for Trumpeters to bring up all those SJWs. They’ll fail, but hey, it will be deemed worth of a shot.

I’ve also heard attempts to bring in “Walden University”, Garry Trudeau’s for profit school.


I wonder why Eric Trump went to Georgetown instead of Trump U.


No guys. Never guys.

His fingers aren’t long enough for that.


So, amid all the Alt-Right, MRA, rape apologists, Trump supporters, and good-ol’-boys, I have decided the most rational thing I can do is find a corner and just scream for a while. So excuse me . . .


You obviously didn’t see her last big speech. She took him to the woodshed.


My opinion is that you have underestimated the ability of authoritarians to justify following their Leader, no matter what.


That’s a great diagram. But we need one for the REAL problem: the people who support Trump.

There have always been “Trumps” in the world - politics, business, civic life, religion…even academia, He’s nothing new…nor the bizarre human phenomenon that keeps him floating around in the political toilet. He’s just a venal, shallow opportunist…who’s mastered the knack of arousing baser aspects of human nature.

Simply put: Trump is just the latest addition to a long historical train of evil clowns. He’s still just a clown…but the astonishing number of my fellow citizens who support him is nothing to laugh at. That’s the real danger here. We need a Venn diagram for those folks…


Seconded. The twits on twitter are showing up more often in stories related to trump’s statements bloviation, and the support they offer is, in my experience, on par with the Bigfoot Skull idiot, except racist and bigoted.