What Trump University tells us about how to nail Trump

Funny how we are using Trump’s style now. Sad!

Seriously, he’s bending the cultural Zeitgeist to bring out the ugly in America. And we are soaking it up. Why I feel more racist and stupid already! Loser!

The rotten apple didn’t fall far from the trunKKK of the tree. And his ‘policy’ positions are basically "I’m going to WIN (screw all you little people who didn’t inherit hundreds of millions - self-made man my shiny metal @$$)’ Tho it is fun to watch the Rs rush forward to support the burning epitome of stupid.

Let’s flip the Senate AND the House. Come on Bernie supporters, your country needs you, not just your preferred candidate (btw, Bernie was my preferred candidate, but I’m OK w Hill n Bill round 2).

Brilliant Venn Diagram - its really our new BFF

I’d put “Trump University/Tiny Hands” in the bullseye.

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Friedman writes along these lines in today’s NYTimes:

"But this Republican Party is none of those things. Today’s G.O.P. is to governing what Trump University is to education — an ethically challenged enterprise that enriches and perpetuates itself by shedding all pretense of standing for real principles, or a truly relevant value proposition, and instead plays on the ignorance and fears of the public.

It is just an empty shell, selling pieces of itself to the highest bidders, — policy by policy — a little to the Tea Party over here, a little to Big Oil over there, a little to the gun lobby, to antitax zealots, to climate-change deniers. And before you know it, the party stands for an incoherent mess of ideas unrelated to any theory of where the world is going or how America actually becomes great again in the 21st century."

“Dump the G.O.P. for a Grand New Party”


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Add words like: Nazi, Angry, Stupid, Racist, etc…




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And the other one is a warmonger and a plutocrat. It’s pretty depressing.

Some people like this, because they consider the Established Order (war, imperialism, plutocracy, debt, corruption, hopelessness) to be unacceptable. So, why not go for nihilism?

As for greatness, America had its moment and it did what it did with it. Getting along in the 21st century will probably require something more intelligent than beating, bullying, and browbeating everyone else in the world.

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