What was this Saudi prince doing with 2 tons of drugs on his private jet


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Prophet, what an upper class.


Saudi Arabia executes drug smugglers. So why was did this Saudi prince have 2 tons of speed in his jet?

I really having a hard time with that part of the sentence.

UPDATE: The “So why was did this” was changed to reflect an education level befitting a BB contributor.


I bet he was getting it for whatever faction he was supporting in Syria/Iraq. Captagon is the drug of choice for fighters around there. And seeing how Lebanon not only caught him but publicized this, I bet it was going to al Nusra or IS.


He’s got enough money to burn a wet mule, he sure as hell isn’t going to use them all himself, wtf does he need 2 ton of speed for? There’s gotta be a back story to this stunt some place. Maybe he’s got some buddy’s in ISIL that want to use it as a recruitment perk. Maybe his dancing boys are moving too slow.


Wow, that’s a lot of weight for a private jet. Even a larger jet like the Gulfstream V can only carry 3 tons.


the party of his life?


less fuel? the distance to Saudi Arabia is rather low for a business jet




I see what you did there.


But it was just for personal use!


STILL…not nearly enough to create chemtrails!!! :wink:

whenever a conspiracy nut starts going off about chemtrails:

  1. i have to explain to them what a contrail actually is, condensation from the temperature difference and turbulence.
  2. how much drugs you’d have to carry in a jet in order to be able to spray enough to get any sort of meaningful does to the ground and how expensive that would be, and how much of the interior would be take up for even a short spray. the fire fighting jets are a great example.
  3. how touchy drug dosing is, how the difference between no effect, and lethal dose usually isn’t that great and you couldn’t control dosing from the air with that sort of dispersal method…you’d end up with a small number of dead people and a lot of people with no effect.


Speed isn’t made from dates, fruit of the vine or grains of the field. So it’s a perfectly legitimate, wholesome dietary supplement for the devout Wahhabist, just like potato vodka and cigarettes!


no LSD?


Smugglers are not known for following weight restrictions. If enough fuel is gone when they get to the private strip (or private ramp at the airbase), a couple of blown tires are worth it.


Maybe it was a 747?


WHAT? Only two tons? How small-time can you get?


It would be an interesting cropdusting experiment while flying over Syria. The sky raining speed on the combatants below.


It’s a Saudi prince, his “private jet” is probably a Dreamliner