What will the 25th century call the 21st century?


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I’m fond of the term from Kim Stanley Robinson’s otherwise meh 2312 novel: The Dithering.


Trick question, we don’t make it to the 25th century!


I’m so looking forward to this.


1st Century BZ.


Well, if memory serves, the 24th called it, “The Post Atomic Horror.”


The Hell Century.

The late Human era.

Late Anthropocene

The WTF Century (with entire academic schools of thought fighting over the meaning of each letter).

Middle Property Era

Late Property Era

The Dark Ages

?Thak not read?


Sitting in the middle of a mud puddle, up to your eyeballs in the muck, it’s hard to appreciate that the whole world isn’t also covered in mud. We’re too caught up in the hoopla to have an accurate point of view about it.


Too Like the Lightning kind of lost me with the secret baroque brothel stuff . It really interrupted the flow of an interesting story.


25 century? That’s cute.


The Terra Era (thanks, shrub).


Dark Ages 2: Electric Boogaloo


Unfortunately we can’t translate from cockroach (who will be writing history in the 25th century and also perfecting time travel to answer this very question for us).


I’m only interested in the half century before that.


Gah, beaten to the snark.


There’s 83 years of this century left. Do we have to name it something now?


Of course we do.

I suggest Winnifred.


For the sake of the far future generations, I hope it won’t be called “The good old days.”


Go on, it’s not a competition!

Anyway, you don’t want to be that person. I can say with great certainty that I’ve never been complimented on my sunny disposition.


Era of the Small Hands.