What would you rather do? (poll)


What would you rather do? [poll type=multiple min=1 max=3 public=true]

  • Kick Donald Trump in the balls.
  • Find Steve Bannon in one of his blackout drunks and pay a hooker to go to the press and say he beat her.
  • Just punch any random white supremacist/nazi in the face.


Kicking Trump in the crotch might prove fruitless and I’d rather see Bannon get kicked in the crotch, so I’ll have to go with ©, kicking any ol’ white supremacist in the crotch.


You gotta get that aim just right if you want to land one on those shriveled little berries.


What I’d rather do is get several million (or more) residents of the U.S. to laugh and point as they are all escorted out of the White House by the FBI, en route to prison.

And then we all break into song:


I would rather grill Trump on a televised interview - but actually detain him until he directly answers the questions. Keeping him there for as long as it takes without him squirming and weaseling and diverting and deflecting nearly everything. I suspect that it would make him far more uncomfortable than being kicked in the nards


The current results add up to 120%. I like it here.


I figured the question as “what would give me the most personal satisfaction from these three options”, not what the best thing to do is.

So I thought, as I’ve already warmed up, got me steelies on and there’s an unconscious Bannon at my feet, option 2 seemed like a bit of a waste of time when I could donate the cash and save someone from all that tedious press aggro. :smiley:


A duck the size of a horse!


“None of the above.”

Inflicting violence is something I find neither useful nor satisfying, and I think we have enough people trying to pervert the rule of law without framing someone for an act they didn’t commit.



Which is why I went for the blackmail option.


S’funny, I felt that was, kinda… dishonest? Like, I got no problem with handing out a smack in the gob, but lying just seemed sort of wrong, somehow.



Makes the assumption he has any balls which I doubt so I’m really with you there.


Morally I agree with you…a day of reading about trump and/ his supporters just makes my morals a bit soggy when I see one of trumps trusses.


Option 4: Dragging Bannon and Manafort in front of the Senate, swearing them in, making them answer all sorts of uncomfortable questions about their beliefs, business connections, and campaign shenannigans.


I’d target bannon rather than trump, because out of the two of them I think bannon is more evil, conniving, capable of making the really bad shit happen.

I think with the rape charge the hooker would get the worst of the damage and bannon would turn it around to give him street cred.

For the orange one I would like to set his hair (or pants) on fire on national television.

For natzis I think I’d rather swaddle them in white blankets until they calm down and admit the error of their hate or suffocate, their choice.


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