Whatcha Watchin' (Season 2)


I smell impending backfire.





That’s gonna lock forgetful people out of their legit accounts; what a “brilliant” idea for a company that’s already struggling!


Yeah, a lot of people will cancel their subscriptions, lots of others won’t sign up for new ones. Seems so obvious.

Maybe another case of lower-order employees who know how things work feeling unable to tell the truth to a higher-up about how terrible their “brilliant” idea is.


All of the devices in my home are hardwired to ethernet. Hopefully they don’t mean what they said in their statement…


i’ve been a Netflix subscriber for so long, i’m not sure i remember my password. i should ask my brother if he has it written down.


They are really making it a question of “is it easier for me to remember to make sure that I watch something on Netflix on all of my devices at least once a month, or to cancel and resubscribe maybe three times a year when Netflix releases something I actually really, really want to see”

I’m pretty sure I know which one it is for me

It seems like the simple, obvious thing to do is to block the device until it logs into home Wi-Fi, not block the entire account because it hasn’t been used

Of course that wouldn’t have the side effect of tweaking their monthly active user numbers. I imagine they will release a bunch of press releases proclaiming that Netflix users are more active than ever before!


My wife watches Netflix on her lunch break at work. I’m not sure how quickly we’ll adapt (we’re using my email address) to having to put in a code every week or if that’ll even be allowed week to week to week. And I know we’re not alone in this either.

To Netflix’s credit, given how they look at numbers, I guess forcing people who borrow passwords to binge shows in a week may be an accidental benefit to shows.


So my son who is away with the Army will get locked out soon. So will my daughter who is away at college.


I’ve never really got why account sharing outside the household was a big deal. My account allows for watching on a couple of devices at the same time, it’s part of what I pay for - does it really make a difference whether all the devices are in the same place or not?
And thinking that people who use a friend or family member’s account would otherwise sign-up for their own subscription is a huge assumption.

Maybe try things like not regularly cancelling shows on cliffhangers, within a month of their release. More people might be willing to subscribe then.


I wonder if Netflix plans to do this worldwide, because it seems to me like countries with stronger consumer protections would not allow this.

I really do not think that Japan’s consumer protection apparatus will allow this.


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Yes…you get to pay and watch ads. So, so cool. Looking around it looks like if you get your internet from Comcast you can still get a free premium subscription by asking Comcast to send you their free streaming hardware. Which you can then put into a drawer and forget about forever, and just watch on your usual devices


That’s going to be a dealbreaker for people who travel a lot for work or on temp assignments for a few months. Or those fortunate enough to have a vacation place.


We use our daughter’s account maybe 3 times a year if there is something we want to see that’s not streaming anywhere else.

The last time was 2 nights in a row to watch That 90s Show.

Not sure we’d pay monthly for that but would pay for one month to watch something in particular.

We do rent stuff regularly on Amazon Prime because it’s easy with our Amazon account.

Maybe Netflix should go back to their rental days.


For a while during the pandemic we added the 1 DVD at a time rental option. By the end, we were getting at most 2 DVDs in a month, because somehow it would take them at least 1 full week to ‘receive’ the last DVD and then at least another week to send the next one. Multiple times, it took over 2 weeks for them to register that they’d gotten the DVD back, despite them being mailed in downtown Chicago. So not worth it.

It seems clear that Netflix is working to find more and more corners to cut. As a former commercial lender, I recognize the signs of impending doom for a business. They’re starting to swirl the drain. There will be a restructuring and/or bankruptcy, or else a buy-out in the next year or so.


Ep 5 – guest starring Judith Light and S. Epetha Merkerson!

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Lol, gotta hand it to AMC today. They’ve been showing “Groundhog Day” back-to-back-to-back…all day. :slight_smile: