What's inside a phone that's designed to fit inside your rectum?


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The same shit that’s in every phone.


If only they made them in a unicorn horn shape. I can see a kiosk at the mall selling these.


Huh. No shit.


No, pretty sure it’s not designed to fit in mine.


Hello? Can you hear me??


Not if you talk out of your ass :slight_smile:


Sounds like it might come in handy going into a money-exchange (or similar) situation that might wind up a hostage situation, though.


Remember to put it on “vibrate.”


Prices of mobile phones seem to have lost all contact with cost. At Argos in the UK now you can get a much better mobile for GBP 4.99. (plus obligatory GBP 10.00 talk time). Granted the Vodafone Alcatel 10.54 does weigh 65g and would make you rather uncomfortable if inserted but it does have 500 hour standby, 8 hour talk time, FM radio, micro SD slot and plays mp3 via Bluetooth!

Edit: way -> weigh.


Because, really, my first concern with any new piece of technology is “what orifices can I stick this in?”


The NSA.  


Not ready to jump through that hoop?


Seems relevant:

or could be a stretch…


What’s inside a phone that’s designed to fit inside your rectum?

Didn’t ask, don’t wanna know.


shouldn’t that be - not ready to have that hoop jumped though?


Hello? Can you hear me??

That worked especially well with your avatar.


What’s inside a phone that’s designed to fit inside your rectum?

[Dismantles phone]. No, not that part… how about that part? Maybe the battery?


Or… The same shit that’s on every phone.



I am given to understand that for some people, it’s the other way round.