What's inside one of those magic chess boards?


I don’t think it’s too hard to figure out that you could take it apart from the bottom and still have a working chess board. You could even show video of it working from underneath.


From the still shot, he seems to be squinting a bit. You don’t get much more rudimentary than that.


The best feature of this board not shown in the video is it lets you play against others who also have a board anywhere in the world. So you can play against people and the board will do their moves for you.

I find that much more immersive than electronic chess or moving the piece yourself after your opponent tells you what it was.


Coming soon; investigating a Rolex with a chainsaw!


More scary IOT stuff. Like I want the whole world to know what a patzer I am.


Indeed. 95% of the destruction was completely lazy/gratuitous and didn’t generate new information. The board had a ribbon cable that almost certainly had a male/female connector-- (but why not just forcibly rip/twist it off since this is a Youtube video?) When he was disconnecting the plotter cables-- all he demonstrated was that he could disconnect the plotter cables. When he delaminated the board’s sensor array from the hardboard, surely he could have peeled a section off nondestructively to show us a sample and then reglued it.

At the very beginning, I thought the child was lucky to have such a “cool” dad and his brightness was an obvious result of good parenting. By the end, I thought the child was somewhat unfortunate to have such an oaf for a parent and was bright in spite of him.

It’s a goddam beautiful automatic chess board. At the end of their video, they could still have had a working goddam beautiful automatic chess board. The patient didn’t need to die for the operation to be a success.


I know exactly how you feel. And yet i still can’t help but post on forums like Boing Boing and Reddit. Smh


Christ, what a couple of assholes.


The 80s version operated precisely the same as this one, with the same press-to-move input and all.

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