What's inside the Oscars gift bag, valued at $120K apiece


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Those faces of simulated glee.


Didn’t the IRS rule that recipients of this sort of loot have to pay taxes on it?
edited to add: https://www.forbes.com/sites/robertwood/2018/03/02/oscars-100k-swag-bags-taxing-price-tag/#6f3667f14404


Feh, rich people being opulent. Nothing unusual there.
However, I think this is the more notable goodie bag item this year:

… the best part about the swag this year is that it will contain pepper spray! Yup, the cute little bags of goodies — which are in no way connected to the Academy and its branding — will contain a small bottle of harm-your-enemy juice, the New York Daily News reports.
The spray included is actually Pepperface, a sleek, branded pepper spray — it’s gourmet and considered “stylish.”

From refinery29.com
Arming all the nominees for that next “informal” meeting with a studio executive, perhaps?


I am really confused now…

Arrested for GRAND THEFT for stealing McDormand’s Oscar award…

But here it is stated the statue is only worth $1.

Um. This makes zero sense. Which is it?


I’m pretty sure he meant to say it only cost $1. It’s obviously worth a lot more if you ebay it.


He’s arrested for trying to steal her thunder, wich is valued to a lot more than just the statue, or the award.

Seriously though, they explain in the article that the nominal value of the statue is $1, since that is the sum the academy will pay for it’s return - and you agree to give the academy first dibs on a resell when you accept the reward.
The cost of manufacturing the statue is around $400, and the intrinsic value is subject to the whims of the free market.


Makes complete sense…I just am fairly certain when charging someone with theft of an item the “value” has to be a legitimate number placed on it based on cost/taxation/insurance numbers.

I mean my Cobra F.A.N.G helicopter and Major Bludd action figure sitting on my desk at work are to me priceless…but I doubt if stolen would be seen as anything more than about $25.

Just don’t see how it was grand theft.


Hm. I did a Google and it appears that “grand theft” in California concerns loot valued above $950. So they’re not going by the $400 manufactering costs then. It will actually be interesting to see how this one plays out.


Gourmet pepper spray you say…I do like to step my morning eggs up a notch…


Given the size of the bag, does that mean you get the entire year supply of oranges at once? That seems inefficient.


So Christopher was probably smart to rob Lauren Bacall.


Possibly big payback to the Oscar gift givers:

Look at all these celebs using our products!..coming to our resorts!.. availing themselves of our services! Be part of that! Buy our products! Blah, blah, blah!


I’m pretty sure the courts would always use FMV, if they can. The Oscar may be priceless, but it’s not priceless.


This is partly why I don’t feel an single ounce of bad for Frances.

I and millions of others are wracking up debt to prepare for a job that will, hopefully, pay off that debt sometime between old age and infirmity, and these people probably won’t even use half or more of the shit in their my-college/grad-tuition-valued fuck bags. Hell, I bet the bag alone is worth one semester.


Yeah, thats the deal right? This marketing company is telling all those fancy brands they will deliver their products to the hottest actors of the moment and they only package it and deliver it, or maybe even charge the brands for the honor of having those celebs using their products?


Something about ‘first up against the wall’?


In Hollywood, money can take strange turns.


Talking point for the prosecutors?:



Given how much hugely overpriced bullshit “skincare” crap there is in these bags, it wouldn’t be worth it.