When farts are a good thing




A healthy individual can have up to 18 flatulences per day and be perfectly normal.

But god help you if you let rip that nineteenth. Camel’s back, and whatnot.


As usual, Portlandia gets it right…


I’ve been crop dusting all morning. Now I can feel smug about it rather than humming loudly to cover it up.


Ya right, who funded this “research” – I’m on to you International Bean Lobby

What’s next? A study sponsored by Big Underwear that raves about the benefits of sharts?

Edit to add the classic “farts are good for ya” endorsement:
In the Archives: Fart Proudly by Benjamin Franklin (1781)


When aren’t they?


I was hoping for someone, in an NPR-voice, intoning “I’m cutting a fart right now…”


So…what about 18 an hour?


Pull my finger.


“Thanks, gut microbes.”



yes, but how do dogs feel about this topic?

"Which do you prefer, pooping or farting?’’



"Oh, yeah! There’s no comparison.’’

and there you have it.


This is actually mentioned in passing by Dr Robert Lustig in his lecture Sugar: The Bitter Truth, which everyone should watch. Basically, your choices are “fart or fat”.

And then there was Ben Franklin


Dammit tennfan. Stole me comment


I love the smell of flatulence in the morning, it smells like . . . victory.



Then I must have the happiest, healthiest gut microbes there be.


Fracking good news.


“Farting can be a sign of happy, healthy gut microbes.”

But not the sign of a happy, healthy spouse.



I suspect you mean that in the abstract rather than the more specific usage of “farting directly on the fruits and vegetables in the grocery”