When officers get violent with who they think is a protestor, their own police dog attacks the cop

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Must be an ANTIFA dog.


My Pup loves these stories, just can’t get enough she says.


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I know nothing about training dogs for aggression so my observations have little value, but…
I am a great fan of dogs in general; one thing I know about them is they will side with what they perceive to be their social group. I would like to think this is a dog making a value judgement but I think it is more likely a dog so pumped up it is joining the fight in a completely ungoverned manner. A frenzy. I have often seen dogs intervene as peacemaker in physical conflicts, but it seems to me it is when what they perceive to be their family or extended social group risk harming each other. i.e. two brothers fighting, that sort of thing



The headline made my morning before I even read the post. Thanks!

Replace "dog’ with “person” and it summarizes my feelings on dogs and much of today’s online behavior where opposing beliefs are concerned.
We can learn a lot from ethology, IMO.


As this is a police dog, I can’t imagine this will end well for it at all. I’d worry that it would now be considered untrustworthy and dangerous (from the police’s standpoint), and would be put down.



Or tortured into better compliance.


Ahh yes, what is the old saying? The only good cop is a dog cop. I think that was it.


" When officers get violent with who they think is a protestor, their own police dog attacks the cop Dog bites Cop.

FIFY :wink:


Totally off-topic but I find it SUPER weird that this gif is sponsored by… Rocket Mortgage?


I’m surprised there’s not more pushback against police dogs (outside of very specific circumstances like behind-the-scenes drug sniffing). I’ll start by saying I haven’t looked at any data, but I also doubt reliable data is reported. Officers have been known to cue drug dogs in order to get probable cause. There’s well known history of using dogs from chasing and punishing slaves to the fight for civil rights. When a dog is sicced on someone complying means being mauled and fighting back is assaulting an officer. That whole scenario seems problematic—more so in light of officers not using force responsibly or being held accountable. The demos I’ve seen talk about, “Well, there is no off switch. I give them the signal and they go.” You also occasionally hear stories about mistreatment of the dogs either during their service or in retirement.

It also seems like K-9 units are brought out as propaganda because dogs are awesome.


Yeah, the use of police dogs is hugely problematic. One of the cops Trump pardoned was convicted of, among other things, setting a police dog on suspects of color for fun.


¡El Matapacos! ¡Presente!

(photo I took in Chile’s Atacama desert of a graffiti on a lonely bus stop en homage of beloved Negro Matapacos, the Antifadog.)

For those of you too far to the north, or too far to the right, to know the Matapacos by name and by legend, here’s a wikipedia entry.


officers grab and club a person who they might think is a protestor.

Being a protestor is not illegal yet.
That’s the whole point of these ‘kill the bill’ protests. The “Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill” makes it easier for cops to decide that they don’t like a protest (including for being “annoying”), and would allow them to arrest anyone they think is a protestor. It also adds a new offence of “defacing a statue”.
These clauses could be considered to be aimed at Extinction Rebellion (which partly started in Bristol), and the BLM protestors in Bristol who pulled down the statue of Colston the slave trader, so people in Bristol in particular are worried about it.


:point_up: This. It’s hugely troubling, and I say that as someone who has never attended a protest.

See also the police going in heavy handed to the peaceful vigil for Sarah Everard.

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It’s ok though because the Ministry of Justice investigated and said the police had all been good:

And just today it’s been announced that there’s ‘no longer’ institutional racism in the uk:

So that’s all wonderful, yes?

(To be fair, the race report seems to be trying to say that the class someone was born into has the most effect on the rest of their life, which I don’t disagree with. It’s just that due to racism minorities are starting off lower in general than white people)