When Zephyr Teachout is elected New York Attorney General, she's gonna emolumentize Trump right out of the White House

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She’s pretty great, isn’t she? I can’t believe nobody has bought her yet.


Won’t Mueller have nailed him before then?


Always good to have a backup plan.


With all of the Putin connections that the current administration has, she’d better be pretty careful to avoid umbrellas on the subway, polonium, novichok, etc…

I’d have to imagine that Pootie-Tootie will be pretty upset if someone seriously is getting close to disabling his favorite puppet in chief.


Don’t know her or her policies, but if she’s half as awesome as her name, she’ll be a champ.


It is unclear whether Mueller believes he can indict Trump before he is removed from office, he may simply turn over his findings to Congress.

Congress, while Republican-controlled, appears unlikely to impeach, let alone convict, Trump regardless of charges and evidence.

If Mueller does indict Trump, and even if Trump is convicted, he believes he can pardon himself, and it is unclear whether Congress or the Supreme Court would take action even then.

Because Zephyr Teachout would be a state attorney general, she doesn’t have the indictment limitation, and Trump can’t pardon state crimes. Of course, she also has no ability to remove him from office.

Edit to add: Removal form office is not quite the same as being able to remove him from the White House, the US AFAIK has never had to imprison a high government official while that individual was still in office.


She is even better than her name!

Of course, she also has no ability to remove him from office.

Can she help send him to prison? That is, can a sitting President do his sitting in jail?


they recently discovered the Saudi government has been booking massive, expensive amount of rooms in trump hotels, enough to cause a huge profit report last quarter

it’s pure graft right in plain sight, this also happened in 2017 as Xeni reported


To be clear, there is already one lawsuit being brought by the Attorneys General of Maryland and the District of Columbia that is on the verge of proceeding to discovery.

And the current NY AG has opened an investigation as well.


Indeed, I’ve never heard of her before, but Zephyr Teachout sounds like a character from a 1960s’ reimagining of a Restoration Comedy. Appropriate, I suppose, as Donald Trump looks and sounds like a villainous character from just such a production.


Here is an idea

This is the link to donate to her campaign.

Click through and donate, then reply to this comment when you’ve done it.

Why it’s important that you donate

Zephyr is committed to funding her campaign entirely by individual citizens. She is not taking any money from corporations or LLCs.

Our opponents are all relying on big donors and corporate money to buy this election for them. But you cannot be independent when you are beholden to special interests. That’s why I have rejected all corporate money. We’re relying 100% on the people. (via campaign email)

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If Trump doesn’t pardon himself,then his successor will pardon him.

I do wonder about that. It’s possible that Trump being thrown out of office would create chaos that might be almost as pleasing to Putin as keeping the ineffective pumpkin in office. Trump’s election was a win for Putin, whatever eventually ended up happening to the tangerine shitweasel.


Reminds me of what it is rumored fat cats said of Teddy Roosevelt: “We bought him, but he wont stay bought!”


I’d think that with Trump out of office – whether due to emoluments or collusion or whatever – it would (especially if it’s collusion that snags him) [1] serve to help unblock efforts to impose even stronger and additional sanctions on Russia; and [2] we can proceed on and reaffirm (indeed, possibly strengthen) our commitment to NATO. Both would hurt Putin where it hurts.


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Congress is doing that (sanctions and NATO-strengthening) anyways - at least as much as a congress controlled by Republicans will, given that the party has been widely compromised by Russia. That’s the thing - Trump is hardly the only one colluding with Russia.


I don’t think that we’re in disagreement. The GOP has to lose control of Congress in order for Trump to be forced out. With the Dems in control, the floodgates for “corrective measures” could be opened and that, obviously, mandated by the voters who get the Dems back in. More individuals and entities connected to Putin could be targeted.



With a hypothetical Blue Wave, the next president could be Nancy Pelosi.

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