Where's the best place to get something to eat around NYC's Penn Station?


The best place by far I know of in the neighborhood is Go!Go!Curry on 38th street off 8th avenue, the most authentic kareraisu around, a far-flung branch of a Japanese chain. Within the station for sandwiches I like a place off the main Amtrak lobby with the sign “delicatessen” out front.

While it doesn’t have anything approaching “good food”, killing time at the Tick Tock Diner between last call and the first train home is a rite of passage.

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White Castle on 8th, full stop.

NY Pizza Suprema on 8th Ave and 31st is a first rate NY gas oven slice joint. It’s not going to win any awards for being gourmet, but it’s an excellent specimen of what most people think of when they think “New York pizza.”

If you want something a little nicer, I haven’t been in several years, but Market Cafe on 9th Ave and 38th used to be a favorite. Fresh, well-prepared food that’s not crazy expensive.

The Tick Tock Diner is certainly a classic “waiting for the train” hangout. But I wouldn’t recommend it for the food.

Oh, I just realized I was replying to a video about NY Pizza Suprema, and not just a question on the BBS. Oops.

I work 2 blocks south of Penn Station. There’s lots of good food as long as you leave the station. Don’t have time for videos? Yelp, GrubHub, and other apps let you filter down to like 0.1 miles around your immediate GPS-based location!

Looking for a good reuben for 6 bucks? Gardenia on 30th and 8th.

We did a video at that Go!Go!Curry a few years back! We entered their annual eating contest - we did not fare as well as we had hoped.

Those two dudes need something, but it ain’t pizza!

IN penn station is a japanese place, penn sushi. The triangular onigiri in the type of packaging they use for convenience-store onigiri in japan are really pretty damn good. Always grab one if I’m going through there!

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