White House 'accidentally emailed' torture report talking points to AP reporter


No surprise Powell was out of the loop.  Bob Woodward’s 2004 book Plan of Attack revealed that Saudi Ambassador to the US, Prince Bandar, was given advance notice of the Iraq invasion before Colin Powell.


Wow, the AP messed up - they used the T word. They almost avoided it - I see “harsh techniques,” I see “interrogations.” Did they run out of weasel words?


Yeah, they really dropped the ball there. So many euphemisms they could have continued to use: “abuse,” “special methods of questioning,” “aggressive techniques,” “enhanced/intense/coercive/refined interrogation,” “persuasion,” “roughhousing,” “day at the water park,” “very deep tissue massage,” etc…


The white hat is so besmirched.

All of the moral capital that I once imagined my country had…

…squandered on falsely provoked foreign wars, in my own lifetime.

I haz a sad.


If it’s any consolation, we’ve almost never had as much moral capital as you probably thought we did. A lot of our enemies right now are people who wouldn’t be enemies if we hadn’t tried to screw with their internal affairs just for our own benefit. See: Iran.


We’ll see what AP does with this. 90% of the time they are peddling wild right wing talking points.

And no one is prosecuted.

The system works!

Let’s not forget “fraternity pranks”.

Oh, right, “fraternity hazing.” That one especially enraged me, for some reason. I guess because they just ignored the whole “consent” thing, as if they were saying, “Oh yeah, they got raped, but they weren’t doing anything that someone having sex wouldn’t be doing…”


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