White lawyer who spat on black high schooler charged with hate crime

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All she wanted was a little law and order and respect for the police, for Pete’s sake!

Oh… :grimacing:


Sounds like swell person, congratulations on being a piece of shit. Get unfucked and may we never meet.


I imagine she still managed to make it to the station without needing medical attention. Somehow.


The number of seriously fucked up people who hold down jobs in supposedly challenging professional careers and make tons of money constantly amazes and horrifies me. Our society is profoundly broken when a person like this is able to get anywhere in life, much less significant wealth and power.


“Defense rests, your honor.”


Sadly, working in a profession does not make one a nice or kind person.


TMJ news. Because it isn’t worthy of TV news if your jaw doesn’t clench.


I don’t understand.

Spitting on people sure seems like a swell way to express your concern about the potential spread of infectious diseases.


You have to be hired. You have to be tolerated by your coworkers. You have to be chosen by your clients. I’m not sure nice or kind are even necessary, just not an obvious psychopath. But the fact is, in our society, being an obvious psychopath seems to be an asset.


First, I’m assuming that because she kneed a cop in the nuts she was shot…sorry, she’s white, they shook her hand.

Second, with a history of spitting no intelligent person should have been standing close enough to be kneed in the junk.


If she had just followed the officer’s orders, this never would have happened. :smile: Who am I kidding? She has probably never considered the possibility of getting orders form an officier!


Johnson is a real go-getter, you should be more like him. He really attacks the competition, sometimes literally. He’ll climb to great heights, as long as he plays by the unwritten code of his fellow aggro-capitalists and not the wimpy weak rules of weak wimp society. Community and cooperation is just a trap before they stab you in the back.

Aggression, if well directed, is also a useful attribute for a viking raider. Too bad this isn’t the 10th century. And those vikings had to cooperate long enough to live on boat for a few days to several weeks without killing each other. I guess even fierce warriors need to work together and agree on standards of behavior.


Note. She resisted arrest and yet is somehow alive and presumably unharmed.

I guess LEOs can actually not commit acts of brutality and still perform their jobs.


The Shorewood School District Superintendent is calling on the Milwaukee County District Attorney to add a hate crime enhancer to any potential charges filed against Rapkin. The DA’s office said it will review the case on Tuesday.

First, good on the Superintendent.

Second, has she been charged yet and has the DA committed to charging as a hate crime? Or do we have to wait until Tuesday for that? I know there’s a legal process to follow, I just hope it happens, and @frauenfelder’s headline indicates it already has.

Tuesday, Don't Tell Me, Tuesday - William Shatner as Captain Kirk to Captain John Harriman in Star Trek, Generations

Oh, and the State Bar of Wisconsin should disbar her.


Well, the officer did wag a finger at her and say, “Stop resisting, please, ma’am”.


I live in Shorewood and took part in this protest. I did not see the incident because I was toward the back. However, word quickly made it through that there had been an incident. The word was that it was a “crazy” person. As we heard more it sounded like the person was experiencing a manic episode. Then when I saw the news I was like, “oh this is terrible.” Then the next day I was like, “yeah this may be a manic person.”

In no way am I saying that bipolar causes a person to be racist. This woman is obviously a racist at heart. I think her racist actions were amplified by a psychiatric episode.

This is especially hard for our community to swallow because, six years ago, Dontre Hamilton was murdered in Milwaukee because he was having a psychotic break and the poorly trained cop didn’t recognize it and escalated the situation. This surely wouldn’t have happened to a white person in the same circumstance.

I don’t have a point. It’s all bad. But hopefully, the young people who are leading these protests will bring us to a better place.


Shorewood is in the northern part of Milwaukee County. It is a separate village from the city of Milwaukee and lies on the lakefront. The population of Shorewood is 88% white. The City of Milwaukee as a whole is 44% white. In the “residential security” maps of Milwaukee from 1938 that show the racial redlining and Shorewood is divided from other neighborhoods by the Milwaukee river that runs roughly north to south. The Milwaukee neighborhood to the west of Shorewood, across the river, is Williamsburg Heights which is about 4% white. The question that should be asked is why the Shorewood police did not arrest this woman and charge her???