White supremacist David Duke continues to campaign for Trump


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I think even David Duke has denied being a racist. White supremacists often say stuff like “how is it racist to love white people?” (Answer: forget it. You’re not even worth arguing with.)


If everybody loves Trump and everybody includes so-called “racists” like so-called “David Duke”, then by definition so-called “racists” love Trump. My so-called “logic” is sound!*


  • Trump 2016!


I can’t resist, even though I know you’re joking: your logic is perfectly sound! However…


Really now…who can resist that feel-good vibe emanating from Trump 2016 ??? Everyone wants some of that, with or without their sheets.


And at this point Trump can’t afford to alienate any voters–even the ones who alienate others.


It’s going to be high weirdness when they turn on one another.

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And then they’ll have to



Everybody loves Raymond, bro.



It’s not racist to love white people. I love white people. It’s really f-ing racist to love ONLY white people.

And therein lies the hook D. Duke and t.Rump.



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