WHO asks people to stop drinking camel urine until MERS is contained


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Ok, OK. I’ll stop. Grumble grumble…


wasn’t me…


Camel urine. There’s a temptation for that.

Perhaps switch to Urine Light™?



Ewww, that stuff tastes like Bud Light – I’d rather drink the sweat of a leprotic mangabey.


So, who is asking them to stop?




There are a lot of jokes I could make here, but any one of them would be in bad taste.


Apparently he is trying to distract the umpire.


Some doctor


I am proud to say that I am doing my part, as directed by these agents of the un-elected One World Government!


Camel pee? They must not have Keurigs in Yemen.


In unrelated news, sales of Budlight have dropped off significantly.


me too


What’s distracting the umpire?


The past was great, just like people tell us it was.

Sure, uh, you’re sick… hey tell you what, drink uh, this! Yeah… drink this and if you get better then it worked.


I’m still baffled why they’d choose to drink camel urine of all the available urines.

Seriously, that stuff must come out fuming and caustic with thick silty precipitate in it. What with the specially adapted kidneys that camels have evolved in order to excrete the smallest amount of water and the largest amount of waste allowed by mammalian biophysics.


That camel appears to be standing in a puddle of the forbidden beverage


What’s cookin’?