Who has made their own tablet cases?

I have a nook HD. I got it working again over the holiday after years of inactivity. The physical case has cracks and chips. However the HD has an oddballl layout in a nonstandard charging port. Volume on one side and power on the other with a rather generouse bezel around the screen giving nice thumb rests while reading.

Was looking for advice on doing more than 'put four corner straps on.


This is the one I bought my son for his Nook HD+. It was customized for the tablet, and much better quality than anything I could have made for the $6. I’m sure they have something similar for the HD.

If you want something more like a skin to deal with the cracks without adding any weight or volume, I’d suggest just using some clear contact paper.

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At this point the device is old enough and far enough out of warranty you can glue stuff directly to it, right? Or wrap it in Sugru or dip it in plasti-kote or whatever?

I was going to make my own for the Nexus7, but then I got a screamin’ red origami roocase which is better than anything I could build for the money.

Ya. Well out of warrentee and even if not I already voided it by doing a battery replacement. Was tempted to try building a case rather than slide cover and realized I do not possess the skills to make a comfortable case that meets mydesign standards with the material I have.

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