Who Is the Republican Monster? (Trump. It's Trump.)

I don’t think they will… not the RNC.

I don’t think they will under any circumstances. They are backed into a corner by this guy. Everything he’s saying is antithetical to their agenda. They know racial politics is a dead end. They want their party to have a future.

But mostly… better to reign in hell then serve in heaven. There’s no way the creeps who’ve lied and backstabbed their way to the top of the Republican Party Ladder are going to roll over and let that tacky son of a bitch destroy everything they’ve worked for (and by that I mean the personal power they’ve gathered for themselves).

At least… that’s my hypothesis.

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They seriously should have thought about that when they devised the southern strategy in the late 60s/early 70s to poach off George Wallace voters. On some level, they have reaped exactly what they sown here. There has been enough dog whistles aimed at winning over the white working class who had previously voted for the Democrats. Don’t get me wrong, I too, hope they figure out a way to oust this guy before it’s too late, but too late might have actually been decades ago.


At this point I think it’s clear that the GOP can’t or won’t pick a sane candidate, so I just hope they go with who is least electable. Not sure if that’s Trump or Cruz, though.


Well yes! We all know they’ve been working to change that message for years… while trying not alienating their racist dixiecrat refugees from almost 50 years ago… throwing them a bone every once in a while. Saying coded hardcore racist shit like Sarah Palin mentioning a blood libel. I bet that ladies phone number is sewed into all her jackets in case she gets lost, and I doubt she’s been READING or anything… so that’s some crap she read off a cue card.

So its their speech writers that are peppering their speeches with these creepy shout outs. And that’s probably based on some complex scheming to figure out how to doublespeak to a crowd and not show your hand. But luckily racists have had LOTS of time to practice.

And its not easy… talking out of both sides of your mouth.

I just can’t tell if subtlety is just not Trump’s forte and “Kick all the muslims out” is his Trumpy attempt at a dog whistle… but… It won the support of a bunch of idiots who had been screaming that at their TVs and whispering it to their friends in hushed conspiratorial tones for YEARS!

Those people are old… and outnumbered.

It’s a little hard to position yourselves as the party of latino conservative ethics when your party shows its overwhelming support for a candidate with a crayon drawing of a wall in one hand, and who’s pointing at it and blathering on about kicking all the immigrants out…

He’s not just costing them their political clout in 2016 and embarrassing them personally. He’s destroying their long game.


Cruz will have more money behind him, more support, and the complete support of most of the media. Choosing Trump won’t get him that support, plus the Republican Party will be in disarray.

National Enquirer? (They apparently endorsed Trump though there’s no way I’m going to fact check this by looking at their website.)

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I think she publically stated she doesn’t read the newspaper. And also that she was shocked there was more than one newspaper.

Any study of the literature shows that vampires are far worse than mere cobbled-together monsters

The following documentaries:
Penny Dreadful Season 1
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Andy Warhol’s Dracula is far worse a film than Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein
Bela Lugosi’s career in comparison to Boris Karloff
Christopher Lee’s Dracula was always the villain in his films, Peter Cushing’s DOCTOR Frankenstein was the villain in his (the monsters in those films tended to suck badly)


You may possibly be over-analysing my observation.

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I just love old horror movies. :slight_smile:


This sort of rhetoric should be toned down. If not, misguided folks will resort to violence… glances at news… Oops! Too late.

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Marco Rubio is perfectly correct by asking his allegiance to support John Kasich in Ohio. This was an extremely strong stance for a politician to make. All praise goes out to Marco Rubio as he very well may end up receiving the Vice Presidential selection. When Rubio steps aside from the race as he more than likely will because he does not have much of a chance of winning his home state of Florida most of his support will go to John Kasich. As Trump’s campaign is now starting to run into chaos Kasich may have the opportunity to seize the momentum to win the nomination. All this requires is for it to be known. This means he only needs the support of a few good bloggers.

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Kasich is never going to get the nomination.

And frankly, I don’t want him to. He’s another nutty religious anti-labour conservative pretending to be a moderate, and if he became president, he’d just be an enabler for the likes of Cruz in the senate anyway. I’d rather have the unacceptable face(s) of the GOP front and centre making it clear what that party is about.


Maybe turn up your sarcasm meter and read that comment again?

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