Who makes the world’s best wallet?

I don’t even need most receipts, not even for bookkeeping. I track every cent, but I simply tell my watch to note “Remember One Euro Coffee” and import the resulting list once a month.

I do keep receipts for items I may need to return (very, very, rarely, only with clothes I can’t try on) or because of the warranty. Though by German law, the receipt isn’t needed as purchases can be proven otherwise. Like with a credit card statement. However, I take them anyway and put them into the car. I usually photograph them right away anyway, easier to find when I need them.

Each clip lasts 2-3 years.

A small clip fits 5 cards + 10 bills. You can cram in a little more, but the clips will fail a lot faster. Could go to medium clips, of course.

You can get colored ones if you want. Right now I have a classy gold one. :wink:


Again, I see no reason why anyone would need 2 gas cards, let alone one. Most credit card companies offer better points and ROI for gas purchases than the gas companies do with the added benefit of not being tied to a specific gas brand, I am not confused as to what a gas card is, I am questioning the value of having one in 2017.

That looks perfect, actually. I have my larger everyday wallet, but I sometimes prefer something smaller when I go out or to fests, especially when I don’t want to carry a bag.

uh [quote=“lolipop_jones, post:16, topic:102615”]
(Edit) I’m not sure I would leave my registration and auto insurance cards in the car. Why give a car thief my home address??

The car thief could care less about your home. They want the car. I don’t get this line of thinking at all…but ok. Carry it around if you feel better.

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I prefer a cigarette case for a wallet. It’s got a nice satisfying click when it opens, it’s cool to the touch, and it holds all my cards. The downside is that you can’t carry fat stacks of cash, but I don’t carry more than a single $20 around at any given time usually.


They’re definitely not cheap, but I’ve been carrying around the Tumi leather coin wallet my wife bought me for over a decade at this point and it’s been fantastic. It has a nice little snap-shut coin purse, a roomy billfold, three easy-access credit card slots, and several other pockets where I can tuck my ID and all the other cards I carry around.

Then again, I was pretty happy with my old $10 Levi’s canvas velcro wallet. Which is apparently now “vintage” but still only $10:


Some of us (me where we used to live) have garage door openers in the car, and an attached garage with a door right into the house.

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I get it. I’m saying most car thieves want the car. They don’t want stuff from your home. Again. If you want to carry those things around on your person to feel safer by all means. Enjoy.

I love me my Gfeller Casemakers Card Wallet. It carries all the stuff I really need, fits in the front pocket of my trousers, and is amazingly high quality leather. Shipping to the UK wasn’t silly either, if I recall.

Again, it could be that it is the company’s gas card. My in-law and a couple of salesperson I know get all travel expenses paid, for that they get a gas card to pay - gasp - gas!

And you apparently confuse “in 2017” with “in 2017 where I live”. I just did the calculations for where I live in Germany and I get a bigger discount with my dedicated gas card. Where we get fuel all of the time anyway, as it is one of the most convenient and is open 24/7, unlike others.

Do you need to have those with you where you live?

Registration/Vehicle license, yes, but I usually forget to take it even into the car. Would cost a tenner if I can’t provide it, so that risk isn’t big enough to motivate me, apparently. That one is also forbidden to leave in a parked car.

Saddleback Leather Medium Bi Fold wallet. http://www.saddlebackleather.com/leather-medium-bifold-wallet Holds my 2 IDs, 2 Debit cards, one emergency credit card, Medical card, Costco card, Zoo membership card, different zoo membership card, Library card, a couple of other museum memberships cards, and lots of bills. Plus usually the days worth of receipts. Probably should leave the membership cards in the car. :slight_smile:

If you’re in an accident in most US states, it would be a major PITA to not have them with you.

Those two cards are thin cardboard and carrying/not carrying them would not make a difference in which wallet I buy. But I would not want to have to pull them out of my wallet any time I wanted some other card, which is what some of the wallets in the video review seem to require.

ooh, i’m digging the Crabby wallet… i was on board with his first choice, and i still like it, but the Crabby seems even better (and cheaper!). his ultimate winner is too fat for my tastes. i hate the feeling of a lot of stuff in my pockets, and what happens when that snazzy little lever breaks?

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Exactly. I vote for a wallet that is small, 6 plastic cards, 6 bills folded up (money clip), kept in a front pocket. Anything more and you need a messenger bag/purse. Your milage may vary.

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I have gone through sooooo many wallets over the years, and the need to de-Costanza is real.
If I have a bill fold, with space for stuff, stuff WILL fill the space.

Current wallet: Trayvax

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I picked up this on during a stop-over at Sydney


My, it’s been 9 years already or so. Anyway, would totally buy again. By some happy accident the two inside pockets (with a zipper) are big enough even for an iPad 2, one of the outside pockets is big enough for a kindle. And enough space for notebook + pen, cutlery, money, papers, charging equipment, etc… what I pack on a whim.


Works here, even with script blocking.

As mentioned, every person’s choice for this will be different. If you prefer a bifold with a picture window for ID, card slots and cash slots, I recommend the Big Skinny wallet: http://www.bigskinny.net/ . Reasonably priced, thinner and lighter than traditional leather wallets. We shall see how long it lasts but so far it seems to hold up well.

Years ago my chiropractor convinced me to move my wallet to my front pocket. I did backslide a little and have a comb in one back pocket and my pocket calendar in the other but I try to keep that thin and balanced.

When I finally succumbed to the cell phone craze this year I did have to juggle what goes in which pocket so now the wallet goes in the front pocket with the phone and all the scratchy metal items such as keys and pocket knife go in the other.

How much to keep in the wallet is always a balance between utility and thickness but I tend to prefer to include anything that I might possibly need during the week since driving all the way home to get my medical or library card if I suddenly need it is too much of a hassle. Also, not having to think about whether I have the correct card with me for a particular day is worth it.

I keep a debit card, a few credit cards, medical card, FSA card, library card, AAA card, license, Costco card, cash, receipts and half a dozen cards I need for work (ID card, key card, etc.) so one of these ultra-thin wallets does not work for me.

And yes, there are times that I might go to the library on a whim. It is a very pleasant way to spend an hour if I suddenly find myself with time available.