Who replaces fired James Comey? Here are 4 candidates for Trump's new interim FBI Director


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I personally think Frederick Douglas or Andrew Jackson would make excellent candidates for the position.


This is weight off, right?

It might have been awkward.


Just remember, you heard the leak from me first. Here are the four candidates:

Snidely Whiplash
Dick Dastardly
Mr. Burns

My money would normally be on Mr. Burns, but Trump would probably fear the competition for being an iconic wealthy megalomaniac. So probably Snidely Whiplash.


(((Gargamel))) won’t be acceptable to the white nationalists of the alt-right.

Speaking of which, this makes the desire of Alex Jones’ audience to look like Smurfs more understandable.


Joe Arpaio has a pretty clear schedule these days.


Who replaces fired James Comey?

Apparently Nazi / TGOP toadies are a plenty, shouldn’t take long.


Whoever it is it sure will look great for the administration when they close the investigation into Russian ties. I can’t get what it is about Russian ties anyway, everybody knows that Trump ties come from China.


My money is on Simon Bar Sinister.

PS, Wikipedia needs updating: Simon B. S. is (not was) the wickedest man in the world.


Why isn’t Ivanka in this discussion? It would give her a chance to bring her patented brand of “Feminism” ™ to the office.


Alex Jones’ audience wants to look like a bunch of Commies who all live together in an all-male* worker’s paradise?! That doesn’t make any damn sense at all.

*That’s no woman.




What was it with evil little people in the 60’s?


Well we didn’t elect them president back then, so they went into show business…


I think the Giuliani rumors get floated to make the actual choice look better.


You forgot the obvious - Boris Badenov and Natasha


Nevermind guys they found the perfect candidate


For some reason I want to see Chet on horseback…


Darn, if only we can figure out who to contact to make that change in wikipedia.



"The president is in the process of evaluating individuals who will be able to fill that spot, lead the FBI and restore the confidence in the American people,” Vice President Mike Pence said today on Capitol Hill.

I think a couple top-level resignations in the executive branch might do the trick.