Why are so many empty Vaseline containers appearing on this road in Calgary?


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It’s definitely a slippery situation


The answer is obvious: someone is well on their way to turning 68th Street into the world’s largest non-water based “Slip 'n Slide.”


So many lube* jokes waiting to be made, so little time.

*Seriously, though; don’t use petroleum jelly for sexual lubrication, folks.


Are there homeless guys in the area? If you asked around you might get an answer to your questions.


Someone is eating it? A spoonful of vaseline makes the medicine go - urgh@@#Ss!


Why are so many empty Vaseline containers appearing on this road in Calgary?

There are some questions that I just don’t want to know the answer to.


image Wouldn’t Crisco be more environmentally friendly?


I hope not-- our dog ate some mineral oil once, and the results were spectacular. “It will just have to run its course,” the vet said. She couldn’t stop laughing.


Ooops. Wrong topic



I’ll bet there’s an article on Breitbart blaming it on “The Gays”.


People with really, really dry, cracked skin?


Quickly! To Frinkiac!


Is there a hospital nearby?
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Now you tell me…


You mean you’re using it… right now???


It shouldn’t be used as an epidermal moisturizer, either.

There are many better, more sustainable oils for one’s skin, including good ol’ olive oil.

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Someone must be using it on a piece of industrial equipment of some kind.

If the containers are back every 2-3days then CNN should stake it out.

What happened to investigative journalism?


I’ll bet there’s an article on Infowars blaming it on gay frogs.