Why are so many empty Vaseline containers appearing on this road in Calgary?


Nah; you NEVER get all the Vaseline out of a jar, sans a good solvent bath or the like.


Since it’s Canada, could the Vaseline be used to protect the extermities in cold weather? Check out for slippery naked joggers… or not.


The right stuff seems pricey in quantity.


"People who bought this also bought:

King Sized Bed
King sized plastic sheets
Slip and slide"


Are you a big fan of Benjamin Whorf?

Whorf described a workplace in which full gasoline drums were stored in one room and empty ones in another; he said that because of flammable vapor the “empty” drums were more dangerous than those that were full, although workers handled them less carefully to the point that they smoked in the room with “empty” drums, but not in the room with full ones.


The Klingon? Yea, he’s all right.


Not “The Jews”? I guess that’s a change.


So Petroleum Jelly is the Corn Syrup of the mineral world?


Never have the words “roll over image to zoom in” made me shudder in quite the same way before. Squelch.


Can somebody lend me some likes for this?


But free shipping!


Hmmm, we use it on the post that holds up the bird feeder, towards the top. The squirrels will try to climb the post, get to the top, then slowly slide down. Its fun to watch…


It morphed into fake news. Sad!

(I mourn it too.)


Pedantry of the highest order. Seriously well done. :wink:

ETA @Bozobub - like Marmite. The jar is NEVER actually empty in normal use. The ONLY way to get the last of the Marmite out is to add boiling water and pour it out to drink. And also, very high order pedantry there, too.


I’d not listened to this pile of genius in a while. Thanks for reminding me. The album is going back on my car-dedicated iPod tonight!


Tigers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXgN62gpVq8



Using it as a candle? The stuff burns well.




I checked-out Vaseline Alley & found a jar!
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