Why does Trump sniff so much?

Because he snorts lines of crushed Adderall. I thought that was common knowledge already?


I’d be sad too if I only had 3 finger on one hand and 5 on the other (thumbs not included).

Trump promised his brother, who was dying of alcoholism, that he would never drink any alcohol. This is the only promise that Donald Trump has ever kept. He found a loophole, though, he never promised his brother that he wouldn’t snort a metric ton of crushed Adderall, that he does to “keep his edge”. He’s rotting his brain, and it shows.


Whatever happened to Spiro Agnew? A pillar of society w/ an constant sniffle. Gone, all gone.

Perennial rhinitis is quite common. The cause is generally not known; few people get allergy testing. Remedies include nasal steroid sprays (eg Flonase), oral nonsedating antihistamines (eg Allegra), and nasal ipratropium. Oral pseudoephedrine is a last resort.

Per the Talent Coordinator on the Apprentice - he’s a speed freak. Sniffs crushed-up Addies. twitter: /kathygriffin/status/1073400561699979264

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I hope it is the Green Plague. (Slapstick by Vonnegut incase the reference is too obscure.)

Cold dry air always starts my nose running, no allergies needed. This time of year (ie northern hemisphere winter) I’m sniffling most of the time.


A well edited video, never seen a Trump clip make so much sense.

Perhaps it’s because he stinks.

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I seem to recall there was a photo from his first run where he was sitting at his desk with the drawer open, and you could see a lot of Sudafed in it. The stuff you can’t buy anymore.

He is a known germaphobe who filters all his air, so he’s also probably got no allergy resistance to anything

He’s probably also testing his smell aura

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that…was a long read. and yeah, he wears diapers.

seriously, this timeline…


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