Why does your pee take the shape that it does?

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Be right back, I gotta pee.


I have split streams that veer off in different directions. Someone wanna do an entertaining video explainer on that?


A urologist could help you, but on here you are on your own.


This is a very male oriented thread, I’m guessing.

No, as the video points out, both men and women produce the same stream pattern.


Not necessarily. In the video, the host says the pee shape applies to all genitalia types.

It is the long, thin opening that affects the stream shape, so it doesn’t matter as much the shape of the genitals.


Beat me to the draw :slight_smile:


I.P. Freely


I was thinking more about the angle of observation. I haven’t paid much attention to it when sitting down.

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Because that’s how my name is spelled.


This is a very handy phenomena for us distillers. When making adjustments on a still, the visible impact is very minor and hard to gauge beyond flavor and flow rate. Flavor is highly subjective and flow rate depends on taking a timed measurement or equipment that’s too expensive to justify its application. A very smart distiller pointed out that you can gauge the impact of any changes in still output by the length of these “chain links” as they get longer with higher flow rates. Super useful.


Always, or only sometimes? If you’re male, at least, there are specific circumstances that can make it temporarily more likely.

Right. Just whatever you do, don’t cross the streams. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What an incredibly clear and entertaining explanation that was! Excellent use of video and visual aids. At the end I got the irrites when he launched into “a word from our sponsor”, but then I found I was even copying down two of his recommended books from that section that I hadn’t read. Never heard of this guy before, but definitely looking up more of his videos.

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Was not expecting this reply!

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No math, no medicine. Gonna have to keep making different shapes in people and see what flow shapes result. Cheers.

Gah! Algorithm and being on top days in a row, what are we going to do with you?

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My wife has a tendency to pee with the door open. Equally, I have a tendency to to run in stop dead look around confused and say, “Sorry, I thought I heard a horse peeing.”

When you get to be my age, you’re just glad it comes out at all.

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