Why Donald Trump will never go to prison but he may go broke

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Probably true, but as I think we all have noticed, there is a metric fuckton of “unprecedented” that’s gone on lately, so I wouldn’t rule it out.


The real shame here is that even if he does get some sort of judgement and punishment, it won’t harm his image with his most ardent supporters. If anything it’ll just harden that support. He doesn’t need his own money or even physical freedom to continue to be politically disruptive.


Still, I think it would devastate his own self-image to wind up penniless. Wealth has been his whole schtick since he’s been old enough to walk. I would love to see his ego completely shattered.

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He’ll go to prison after he goes broke. Prison is where broke folks go.


Trump will never go to prison but he may go broke

Yet again?

Cats have 9 lives, he apparently has 9 bankruptcies in him.


it’s likely he won’t even wind up penniless. he has mastered the grift of taking his supporters to the cleaners. he can raise millions with one mail blast. the piece of shit with his name on it has not been invented that his people won’t buy. if it isn’t prison, then it will be business as usual.


As long as Putin’s tame oligarchs and his own suckers keep sending him money he won’t go broke. Find a way to cut off both those revenue streams and we’ll get closer to our goal.


I doubt he’ll go broke either. Not as long as there are still millions of rubes willing to donate to his cause and he’s still legally able to run grifts to shake them down.


He’s taken companies into bankruptcy 6 times, so I don’t think a seventh would have much impact on that ego.


He’s going to die a martyr, isn’t he?


I’m only speaking on the subject of being broke. Of course he’ll likely avoid that somehow, but if he were to be broke, that is what would shatter his world. Much more than any insults associated with “hamberders”, “covfefe”, or “stable genius”.


Not if he goes out like Elvis.



Thing is, the more he has to fight lawsuits, the more he can fund raise off the suckers who worship him.

I don’t know if that’s a bottomless well of money or not, but the fact that the suckers believe in bullshit like “Qanon” probably means it is.


Can’t we just send him to Saint Helena?


I have long believed his net worth is a lot less than he tries to tell people it is. His net worth is mainly minority ownership in a bunch of non-public corporations. This type of asset is very un-transparent in terms of its value, and very illiquid at the same time, and you have no idea what liabilities / debt could be on those assets. It’s easy to see what’s the net worth of Mark Zuckerberg, because it’s filed with the SEC how many shares of FB he owns and the market value of those shares is always clear, but Trump’s situation is basically the opposite of that.

But yeah, he’s not going to prison.


He willfully committed sedition, if not treason. He needs to go to Leavenworth. He’ll never be broke, as others have said above.


“… he will likely spend the rest of his days as Defendant Trump.”

As long as he doesn’t spend another second in the oval office, I’m good.


I’ve lived a long time, probably longer than most people who read BB, and if I’ve learned anything in my life it’s this - the chances of you going to prison, regardless of the crime, are directly proportional to the pile of cash you’re sitting on, and who your drinking buddies are. And I say this not as a disgruntled member of the proletariat, but as a relatively well off white guy who has enjoyed many privileges over his life. There are certainly exceptions, Weinstein, Epstein, and Cosby come to mind, but the truth of the matter is that we live in a stratified society, and the more money and power you have, the closer to the top you are and the more you can get away with. Why would a politician break the back of his own party and vote against a bill that would benefit our people for generations to come? Money and power. Why would an entire political party vote against a package to save the lives of thousands of veterans? To punish the other side and thus gain … money and power. Donald Trump could fire that shot down Broadway that he so famously bragged about, and kill an old lady pushing a baby stroller with an adorable pet monkey in it, and he’d barely get a slap on the wrist. The worst thing we can do to him is to drain off his money and ignore him.

Sorry, I’m a little riled up this morning …