Why Donald Trump will never go to prison but he may go broke

Too bad Spandau prison was torn down after Hess.

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Heck, we could even set aside a whole island for him.

(As long as he doesn’t have cell phone or wi-fi reception)


You’re absolutely right that his most ardent supporters are lost causes. But he’s got an awful lot of supporters who aren’t truly ardent. And he’s already got a certain stink of “loser” about him. If he loses a high-profile case? They’ll decide they never liked him, not one bit. And every little bit helps.


I got the two bass-ackwards; thanks for the fix.


Elba’s the more famous of the two: ‘Able was I ere I saw Elba’ wrongly suggests that the island crushed his spirits.

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I want to pick out his headstone:
So people can pay him the respect he has earned.

He doesn’t deserve a whole island; Mar-A-Lago will be fine. It is surrounded on three sides by a very high wall, and the Lagoon is on the other.
I propose the Baby Blimp be permanently moored out there, so that he has a fine view of it every time he looks westward.


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