"Why I Hate My Uncle," by William Hitler (Look magazine, 1939)


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As it turns out, I’m not fond of his uncle either. Funny how that happens.


ole Bill Hitler, there he goes, watch him now.


Am I reading that right? Does William Hitler refer to his uncle as “Hitler”?


that “suicide” story is new to me. does anyone else think he’s suggesting that hitler killed her and made it look like a suicide?



I had never heard about Geli Raubal either. Here’s a Vanity Fair from 25 years ago digging into it:




Niece or nephew really mad at you? Tell them “you know who else hated his uncle?”

And for an insult of indeterminate seriousness, say “You’re worse than William Hitler!”


Understandably some other stuff overshadowed it.


A copy of Look Magazine from July 4, 1939 will cost you $950, because it has a a six-page photo-illustrated feature by William P. Hitler, called “Why I Hate My Uncle.”

That makes no sense, since it still had that same feature in it with the original 10-cent cover price. Besides, it is used. Collectors can be so gullible.


Yes. William Hitler changed his last name to Stuart- Houston.

Also, when he enlisted in the US Navy, the recruiting officer allegedly said “Glad to see you, Hitler. My name’s Hess”


"Hitler was entertaining some very beautiful women at tea. When he saw us he strode up, slashing a [horsehide] whip as he walked and taking the tops off the flowers. He took that occasion to warn me to never again mention that I was his nephew. Then he returned to his guests still viciously cracking his whip.”

A scene worthy of a Mel Brooks comedy.


I saw the headline here via RSS feed, and was surprised to see it wasn’t from The Onion.


I don’t know the stats, but my inclination is to say that it’s rare for people who commit suicide to shoot themselves in the chest. One’s own head is a much likelier target.


The passage of time. Ain’t that a bitch?


Not really. The illusion that everybody simultaneously experiences events as a linear progression through time was thoroughly debunked in the early 20th century.


But you were debunked just last week, so how am I to believe this?


That’s the deal - “last week” depends upon when you are.

I advise against believing anything whatsoever.