Why your local record store employee became an asshole

Okay, this is probably way too far down in the comments for this to work, but does anyone remember the name of the 1990s (!) blog by a video game store clerk, with many of the same sorts of patrons as described here? It was often punctuated with rather nicely drawn pictures of our hero, facepalming and whatnot. I believe it was written in the third person, with the clerk called “The” something. Like “The Garm”, though that’s not it.


I kind of side with the customer on that one. Yes, there’s logic, but of a pretty opaque sort for an ostensibly easy-for-everyone filing system. Couldn’t it very well be listed under “A”?

I know I’d be wondering where the heck the “0-9” bin was, myself.


Or “H”.

Or “U”.

I wouldn’t look for 100 in a 0-9 bin, either. I’d sort them in numerical order.

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Wait, you’d keep looking until you got to “100-109”? That’s a lot of bins.


I think you missed the boat. You seemed to think that people being sensitive to words is limited to obscure parts of the net. I pointed out that you must think also BB is an obscure part of the net, as they’re pretty concerned with these sorts of words.

And you may like to check the results when you Google “butthurt.”

Read the thread and his comments again. He’s certainly criticizing the use of the word.

Would you put 100 Flowers before 4 Non Blondes? Madness! (no, they’d go under M)


Here’s one:

Yo Yo Ma is so tone-deaf, he’s a Republican frontrunner campaigning on women’s health issues.


Mixing numerical and alphabetical? On purpose? Let’s not go there. This thread already has one overheated discussion.

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Yep, thought you were literally agreeing with him, and therefore was either the original poster who used the term, or someone who agreed with the usage of the term.

Though, I went away thinking, “isn’t that the same poster I had a long conversation with on ‘consent’”. Chalked off that possibility. But, just looked it up and confirmed you are. Sorry about the misfire, though obviously my statements do not apply to you.

Frankly, though I am new, I have noticed Shaddock has liked some of my posts, which means unless it was just random, he probably is anti-censorship and “say anything” sort. I am anti-censorship, if someone wants to use that word, that just pegs them in my mind as trash.

Not against saying “why”, though… not something you can say at work, for one, so they probably don’t work. Not something you pick up saying if you have a girlfriend. Not something a woman or male homosexual is likely to say. It is popular with guys who play video games. Which means they are white, male, privileged enough to be spending enormous amounts of time playing video games, and probably are not good looking enough to score a date, much less have a steady girlfriend. So their sexual aggression is focused around other males… and they want to present themselves as a “top”, not a “bottom”… which is important for them in terms of social prestige.

Kind of guys that have been filling up the “men’s movement” trash groups. Ugly losers without manners who have a lot of “man rage” because they can never get laid.

And, potential real user and abuser of people – just as the usage of the term implies they are. Real first reason I read that word and chalk them off as trash.

Ok, now that’s what I’m talking about.

Yo Yo Ma is so dumb. I asked him how to get to Carnegie Hall and he didn’t know.


Heresy! Sometimes the data tracks have the best audio on the disc!


Yo Yo Ma is so dumb, he thinks Monticello is a tall pile of stringed musical instruments.


And sometimes being geeky enough to decode the data the hard way is half the fun.

Yo Yo Ma is so dumb he thinks Stallone is talking to him.


Yo Yo Ma is so dumb, he thinks time signatures should also be dated.


I am so dumb, I think that time signatures are outdated!

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Here’s one that’s in a different format:

How many Jazz Trumpeters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Five. One 1st chair to screw it in, and four 2nd chairs to criticize the 1st chair’s technique and style choices.

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I used to work in a bookstore. Same kinds of customers, apparently…

Customer: I’m looking for a book that was on Oprah - do you know it?

Me: I’ll need an author or a title to look it up.

Customer: I don’t remember. It’s a green book. The author has a PhD!

I pointed her to the self help books.


Yo Yo Ma is so fat he plays 1st chair, 2nd chair, and 3rd chair cello.


Yo Yo Ma is so classless he played in the USSR State Symphony Orchestra