Wi-Fi enabled, voice-activated smart grill cooks food at owner's command


‘Search Engine Optimization ruined my steaks’


The grill for people who hate grilling, but want to look like they know how to grill.


Remote control cooking lacks much- like food prep, which the Richie Riches who could afford this crap can’t be troubled with. Sounds like something that might be used as an ordinary grill later.

And what’s the recipe database? “To Serve Man”?


Hold on, reading this it seems like I’m expected to get up and put the frickin meat on myself, with my appendages or whatever!? Fatal Design Flaw.

Ok, grill-gle…

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Demo here… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAKdLZqL-Oo

When I said in the Microwave cookbook thread, you cook food by putting fire under it, this is not what I had in mind…

Wow, this sounds like someone read The Secrets of the Wholly Grill and thought “what a good idea”. (ah,man, that book. It was the first time I really became aware of the issues with copyright and absurd licenses.)

That was my impression too; at first, I wondered who really needed help with the first and easiest form of cooking, but then I remembered that I do know people who literally can’t boil water without help (they’d leave the pot on the stove and not check on it because they thought that, like a microwave, it would shut itself off when it was “done”).

Ping grill
…Grill responding!

Activate burger program
…Burgers sizzling, sir!

That’s ma’am!
…Ma’am sizzling, sir!

No, nevermind.
…canceling burgers, sir!

Just make me a goddam burger!
…ok, you’re a burger!

No one likes a smartass, grill.
…I love you too, sir.

emphasized text

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