Will you be buying a curved smartphone?


I’m not all that interested in a curved phone but a phone/watch (phwatch?) curved around my wrist and lower arm would be something I’d want.


“G Flex” sounds like one of those exercise machines I would never use for fear of suffering a pulled groin.


Or a rapper…

And there are several references to “G Flex” as a rapper on Google…which all don’t seem to be the same G Flex.

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To me the curve seems to be in the wrong orientation. If it was vertical not across the phone then at least if you slid it in your back pocket it’d conform to the curve or your rear better.


That’s Samsung’s approach.

I think LG thinks this makes more sense when using it, or something.

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Curved phones are not all that interesting. Plus pocketing one would be a bit uncomfortable depending on the orientation of the curve. Still i think a much more interesting thing would be proper flexible/foldable/rollable displays and handsets.

There is a strong urge by those Korean display makers to move from glass to bendable plastic displays. This is the first consumer product to feature the new technology. It doesn’t have to make sense, because it’s NEW!!!

I doubt that we’ll see a rollable display for a long time. The radius of curvature on these phones is still about half a meter.

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Not till the whole thing is bendable. Though at that point someone will make a bong out of it.


I can understand the curve in the orientation of the Samsung. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and small hands. a very slight curve would make the phone a little more usable with 1 hand. I find myself having to adjust my grip to reach with my thumb to the far right side of the screen (I’m left handed). A lot of UI features are right-single-hand friendly, like fast-scroll bars.

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I expect it to go the way of the curved hardcover book.

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Actually that’s the opposite of Samsung’s approach. I think the LG is curved top to bottom, but it’s hard to tell from the picture on the front page. The Samsung curves across the device which I guess makes some sense if perhaps you kept it in your front pocket? Meh, either way I’d stick with a flat one.

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To me, it’s just the opposite. I think the LG’s top-to-bottom curve makes more sense, because the curve is in landscape mode.

Add some ear pieces and you’d get a nice, immersive video experience. :slight_smile:

No, I won’t.

Yep. Thin and deformable. This thing might spin nicely, but that soon gets old.

When you can bend it, smash it, drop it, drown it - then these features are killer. Till then, gimmick.

G-Flex sounds like a vibrator to me. Worse than iPad sounding like a maxi-pad.

It’s hard enough to get a smartphone into the little tiny girl-pockets we women are allowed in our jeans without making the phone a more difficult shape.

I want a smartphone that you can use to give someone a hug. Or yourself.

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Where’s Cory Doctorow when we need him? This is THE bananaphone everyone was waiting for.

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You sit on your phone?