Willie Nelson's new hemp coffee


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Hm, wouldn’t there be a problem with the interaction of a chemical that’s acting as a stimulant (caffeine) and one as a relaxant (CBD)? I’ve always understood that mixing those two interactions is always bad, stuff like liquors + lots caffeine for example.


It will give you the munchies for biscotti.


CBD is going to make Cannabis legal. THC can come along for the ride. And mixing with coffee sounds amazing, even tho I don’t drink coffee. Currently enjoying some 21% THC indica and a dark but milky giant cuppa PG tips. Seems fine to me!

Also hemp is a damn fine fiber.


What’s that (1950s??) film where the female lead (Doris Day?? or similar??) drinks alcohol on top of some pills and the male lead (Cary Grant??) talks about how this makes a person go (rising sound effect and suitable gesticulation) up and then (descending sound effect and accompanying gesticulation) down, as the female lead gets a bit manic and then slumps against the wall?

Yeah, it would totally be like that.

(I have the vaguest of memories of this scene and have no idea how to even try to search for it on YouTube without descending into an elephant-sized rabbit hole or three.)


I get that people like the effects of pot (cbd and thc are separate things I know) but as far as taste… I mean it’s a pretty skunky stuff. You really want that in your coffee? If you need to relax maybe just skip the coffee or get decaf…


There are lots of reasons people consume CBD. I wouldn’t assume it’s about relaxation.


Not familiar with the movie but that sounds about right lol. And as an aside i’m certainly not an expert on biology and the like but i’ve just heard that these kinds of uppers + downers can cause problems if done regularly or at large enough quantities. Like people mixing red bull with vodka… it’s a very common mix but has actually had adverse reactions in some people.

Maybe its the kind of thing that needs to be researched, which i’d be keen on learning about :slight_smile:


CBD doesn’t get you high, its mainly used as a relaxant, manage pain and inflammation.


Intoxicating candy.


Most of the CBD I’ve had in oil or edible form is nearly free of flavor and aroma and neither tastes or smells anything like “weed”. At this point, CO2 extraction is the major method, I believe. The advantage of this is that CO2 at high pressure expresses the active compounds while leaving many (most?) of the other plant compounds behind. Plus, no solvent residue left in the extract.

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I use CBD oil as (like you mentioned in later post) anti-inflammatory drug and to manage pain, it’s excellent at both of those, but I’ve not noticed relaxant effect apart from one resulting form reduction of pain and inflammation, at least at 25 mg daily dose.


Again, far from an expert… especially as i live in a state where i can’t legally take CBD but from my cursory look it does act as a sort of muscle relaxant.


It’s possible that at higher doses the effect is more pronounced - I haven’t tried, because at current dose it’s good enough - it reduces inflammation related joint and muscle pain enough so that I’m able to sleep well. Where I live many kinds of hemp products not containing THC are perfectly legal, like hemp tea, cold pressed hemp oil (perfect for salads, but has strong weedy taste and smell :slight_smile: ) and CDB oil. CBD oil is absurdly expensive though.


Thanks! Yeah I guess my only contact with the stuff was someone selling little bottles of CBD oil and it was stinky stuff. I was just imagining that being put in coffee. Ha.


I’ve found some mild but positive results from CBD gummies for sleep and relaxation, and would happily try Willie’s coffee, because Willie is awesome, but I can’t really afford a $36 bag of 8 oz of coffee.


Thanks. But are you certain? I’ve taken a scrub through it in YT and cannot find a scene where the explicit “took these pills with alcohol and this is what happens - up (whoop) and then down (blerp)” scene (the whoop/blerp scene as I call it) takes place. Though the actors seem correct and I have a vague memory of it being explained to Tony Randall as Doris Day is slumped on the floor. Hey-ho - let’s avoid a looming rabbit-hole. :wink:


It has to be House Boat, as far as I remember.


I guess its time for a BB movie night, get to it and report back guys.


Well, if you’re sure it’s Doris Day, then I’m pretty sure it’s Lover Come Back.
If you’re sure it’s Cary Grant, then it could be Monkey Business.
Day and Grant only made one film together, That Touch Of Mink which has a scene where Day gets drunk, but without any pills involved, IIRC.