Woman banned from Walmart for eating half a cake and then trying to pay half-price for it

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/07/08/woman-banned-from-walmart-for.html


NJ news site for a Texas crime?

Sure it was posted before, but that was just half the story.


Exactly. But now, she’s been banned! Definitely worth the update.
Well, maybe half worth an update. :wink:

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What a genius. Picks up the cake from the bakery, eats half of it, tries to pay half price at the register claiming that it was already like that, because surely the people at the bakery don’t remember handing her a whole cake minutes ago and surely the store has no security cameras, and it’s totally not suspicious to want to buy a half-eaten cake in the first place. The perfect crime.


Let’s post this one again:


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Looks like you don’t need to pay for a movie night or day out… Just go to Walmart. :flushed::eyes::joy::joy:

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