Woman demonstrates her ability to fit herself into small boxes


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Came for discussion on the damage done to women by the partriarchy and toxic masculinity. Very disappointed.


This is basically the only justification for spandex clothing.



OK Mr. Smarty Pants, how do you conceal YOUR superhero costume underneath normal office wear?


I don’t think this is what they mean by “Cat Lady”.


Actually to be honest, their reactions to her contortions were priceless “ACK! Oh god, she’s going sideways!!” heh


Modern technology, of course! Spandex is so 20th century.


That is very, very impressive.


I don’t even. How can a person bend like that?


“As Peter Parker edged deeper into middle-age his nemeses came to find their confrontations more and more off-putting…”



A shopping bag and a suitcase?

Sounds like human trafficking!


As if the flexibility alone wasn’t enough, she also shoots a bow and arrow that way:


Handy if you need to smuggle someone. Well, certain select someones.

Is she folding her self backwards because it actually is a smaller space, or just to show off?

I am soooo inflexible it is pathetic. Been that way my whole life. Though I did work on my toe touches, going from just below the knee to my actual toes.


A woman with talents like those could be going places!



She’s still smiling! I don’t understand!

"That’s part of it, man."



I could eat a whole box of Mounds.


Wouldn’t you rather have some Solid Potato Salad?


Classic! Love the Ross Sisters.