Woman dies in crocodile pit leap


That is an absolutely fascinating, and terrifying, place. Supposedly a crocodile farm (for leather, I guess, I don’t remember being offered any to eat). On the boardwalks there are guys standing around with buckets full of whole chickens, and for a few Baht they’ll toss one into the lake for you.

Unfortunately, people also seem inclined to toss themselves in from time to time (this certainly isn’t the first time), but in fairness with significantly lower frequency than, say, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Police said they were told by family members that Ms Wanpen appeared depressed prior to her death.

Assuming this was suicide, why pick that method? I mean, don’t kill yourself, but if you’re going to do it, pick something quicker and less painful.

My thought exactly. Can you imagine being inches from the water… and changing your mind?

Perhaps she just missed the vine?


So…did the jump kill her, or did the crocs have extra protein for dinner that night? I’m assuming the latter, but if so, I’m surprised the story wasn’t more NYPost-like.

“Lax security?”

I would have thought “Don’t jump into the croc pit” went without saying.


This is why I refer to Thailand as “The Land Liability Forgot”


Maybe she wanted to give something back to the environment.

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there have to be at least a dozen better ways to end it that spring to mind… :frowning:

Bones to berries Veins to vine These tendons to trees This blood to brine Too old she was This woman does leave us, recycled and enshrined in the presence of Him who leads us
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Proof positive that the rest of the world doesn’t produce litigious people, or unneeded litigious ambulance-chasing lawyers.

I’ve been to a reptile house like this in India. You literally can reach out and poke the crocs in the eye if you’re dumb enough.

Don’t get me wrong. They have some safety measures. Like a giant pit with tall walls for the species of FUCKING JUMPING CROCODILES.

Jumping crocodiles. Holy shit. Yeah.

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At least the crocodile farm that I went to in South Africa had warning signs.


Lax? Lax?!? That’s not the word I would use.

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