Woman expresses her displeasure at KFC


And people say New Yorkers stay slim because of all the walking…


I was at the KFC by my old workplace, and there was a sign on the wall that said, “Extra Charge For All White Orders.” I turned to a co-worker who happened to be there and said, “Now I know how it feels.” He nodded and sidled away a little in solidarity.


…at a KFC … possible she was inebriated …

Pretty certain that’s the only reason you’d find yourself at a KFC, no?


Lot of KFC shit-talking here. Which is almost entirely justified, but come on — getting cravings for KFC happens, sometimes. Now granted I live in Baltimore, so if I get a hankering for fried chicken, I have probably 20 options a quick walk from my house that will mostly all be better than KFC.


“I’m licking my fingers right now!”


She went UFC on the KFC


My take on the place. As disappointed as I was, I did not react like this customer did.


Granted, Kentucky Fried Chicken was pretty awesome back in the 70s and before, until automation killed any enjoyment in the fast food industry.


I’m sure she had a good reason.


I can’t even stomach their commercials with that extra crispy colonel bullshit. I can’t express how unappetizing they are to me, let alone going into an actual KFC.


I won’t lie, I haven’t had KFC for years, and I can count on one hand number of overall times I’ve had fried chicken in last five years. I’m making an effort here! And this is as the grandson of chicken farmers. Chickens got me through college! Well, technically land that was formerly chicken farm, turned into residential development…


KFH probably wouldn’t work for them.


“Would you like that ‘Fuccckkkk Yyyyoooouuuu!’ to go, miss?”


The “Fucken retarded cunt” at about 28 seconds gave it away for me, plus the vocal inflections on every second syllable.


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