Woman keys a Tesla, but the Tesla's watching

The idea alone gets me fuming. And while I am always a bit sad about the state of Google Street View in Germany, Austria, parts of Switzerland, I am very much opposed to private surveillance of public spaces.

A car filming it’s surroundings? Fuck that. And that includes dash cams, thanks insurance companies for nothing!


You want people not to use cameras in public? Even the black bloc types don’t go that far! Or is there some way of slicing the ham of “surveillance” to distinguish Good use from Bad use?


Guess what? While you have your right to an opinion- you are wrong from an ethical and legal standpoint.

It is perfectly legal to take a photograph or record video on public property, regardless of who is in it. You can take a photograph or record video of anything visible from public property. (Note that most states have expressly ruled that people do have a right to privacy under their clothing; so you are allowed to take a photo of the hot blonde; you are not allowed to take a photo up his kilt. Taking a photo of someone during a wardrobe failure is a grey area legally but is morally repulsive.)

I mean, it’s good not to be an ass, but being allowed to film in public areas is very important to preventing crime, particularly from public officials, and is a keystone of our democracy.

The general rule of thumb is to dress and behave in public like someone had a camera on you. Honestly, it makes the whole world a better place.


These damn Edison stans are everywhere, wishing his name was on a cool car instead.


When a person sees something and makes a decision to capture it on video, that’s good. What bothers me is the feeling that I’m always being captured on video everywhere I go, quite possibly with some facial recognition system recognizing me and building a database of my movements. There’s a huge difference between me seeing, for example, a cop abusing power, and pulling out my phone to record; vs every parked car and doorbell I walk past taking note of my passage and sending that off to Tesla or Amazon’s servers.


Which reminds me, would you like six coupons for a free drink at the WhatABurger you walk past every day?
-Not an Algorithm



Wow. I could not agree less. What a horrific vision of a distopian world.


The Tesla owner should have cranked up Rush’s Red Barchetta; 50 years from now I suspect those pickups will be outlawed.

Wait, isn’t that Lionel Luthor (John Glover)? Why yes it is.
But why is he billed first on the IMDB page for the film, when, as I understand it, he’s only in the film for five seconds?

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Funny they felt it necessary to put a skirt on the monkey.


Or she’s just pissed that somebody has a nicer car than her. Don’t discount jealousy.


A bit of a nitpick but (I think) an important one: the article didn’t say she was being charged with a felony, just that the woman could face felony charges. It might very well be true that property damage over $2,000 is enough to make a felony charge possible. But there are probably one or more misdemeanors that might also apply, and it may be far more likely she gets hit with one of those. Journalists just love to report on the maximum sentence or charge a suspect could face, rather than what is likely or common.

To be clear, I have no idea how Colorado usually charges people who key cars, but it’s not at all uncommon for articles to make statements like that and then the actual charge or sentence is much, much less.


Vincent: Boy, I wish I could’ve caught him doing it. I’d have given anything to catch that asshole doing it. It’d been worth him doing it just so I could’ve caught him doing it.


About six months after I bought my first new car a long time ago, some asshole keyed it for no obvious reason other than 1.) it was new and 2.) he’s an asshole. He/she keyed it from front to back along the driver’s side and would have cost over a $1000 to repair/repaint so I lived with it for almost 18 years until I finally sold it (best car I’ve ever owned - I put over 326,000 miles on it.)

I won’t lie though: every time I saw that scratch I fantasized about murdering that little shit!


“simple jealousy” lol that’s good :smiley::fist_right:, let’s have a race to the ordinary bottom of reasons.

The first thing I thought was that maybe he had parked over the line. I can see someone getting pissed enough to take some vigilante justice for jerks for park in 2 spots (not saying that would make it right), but he appeared to be well parked.

He didn’t recognize her, so it’s not something specifically personal. I think some kind of sentiment similar to “rolling coal”. Whatever, glad she turned herself in.

Stand Your Ground, but for cars!

Lady turned herself in:


I don’t think that 2000$ would be enough to repaint the whole car in the US. I paid more than in a workshop located in one of more rural areas of Poland, and average wages here are few times lower than in US.

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